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8 Awesome Features Of Google Voice For Personal And Business Matters


From text messaging to phone calls, google voice serves for multiple purposes that make our devices more beneficial. It combines personal and business matters in a single device, and serves as the best option when you do not want to pay any amount of money to make a phone call for an additional mobile phone number.

It is extremely easy to set up. You just have to sign up for an account, choose your new phone number, and type your present phone number. After the setup, you can start using your Google Voice to make phone calls or send messages over Wi-Fi. But, aside from making calls and sending messages, you can also do these things with your Google Voice account:

Record Your Phone Calls

When you have an incoming call, you can just accept and record it by pressing number 4 on your Android, iPhone, tablet, or computer devices. This option is particularly useful if you want to have a record for the entire conversation, listen to police interrogations, or interviews.

You and the caller will both hear an announcement when the recording has started. However, there is no available transcription as a copy of the recorded call. Thus, you have to use your Voice account and go to your mails to replay the whole conversation.

Filter Spam

When you receive phone calls from your non-Google voice account and the caller ID is unknown, it is probably spam. Luckily, Google Voice offers users a spam filter for messages and calls. After Google filters the suspected phone number, it will immediately transfer messages and calls to the Spam folder. To activate this feature, go to Google Voice Security from your account’s settings and turn on the Filter Spam.

Screen Calls

This particular feature of Google Voice is evident of how digital voicemail works nowadays. Google allows you to screen calls. Thus, unknown callers will be asked to speak up their name first before you pick up the call. To enable this feature, go to your Settings, click the Calls, and look for the Screen Calls option.

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Combine It With Your Skype Account

Skype is a useful app to make long-distance conversations. However, if you won’t set up your call display number, you will appear as an unknown caller from the receiver’s phone, and most probably, they will refuse to answer the call because they will think that you are a scam

To avoid this, Skype allows you to purchase a new phone number and subscribe. If you do not want to pay any amount of money, you can freely combine your Google Voice number to your Skype account as your primary caller display.

You Can Use It For Blogs

If you are a blogger, you can use your

voicemail by adding it to the button of your blogs. This will let your followers leave you voicemail messages without telling them your phone number. Anyone who visits your site can enter his or her number and connect it to your inbox in voicemail.

Customize Greetings

Since your Google Voice account initially acts as your secretary, it can arrange various greetings for your different callers. However, this feature is only available in the new version, but you can still set up greetings using the latest version by applying the new Google Voice’s Legacy version.


Either you use it for personal or for your business matters, Google Voice offers you numerous benefits. Most especially, it can save both of your money and time—no wonder why thousands of users are satisfied with its service.

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