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How will we Celebrate Occasions After the Unlock


After three months of a pandemic caused lockdown, nations around the world are entering into the unlocking stage. If you are an Indian, you can hear the unlock announcement before the caller tunes when you make a call. The lockdown has taught us many things and that most of us were wandering around without any purpose. And we unknowingly were harming the environment (well, that’s a different topic).

One thing that really changed during the lockdown was the way of celebrating occasions. From those club parties to dining at a favourite restaurant, celebrations found the way within the boundaries of a home. And help to bring the nostalgic family fun back. It wasn’t a smooth move for the part-goers, and they took the time to digest it.

But the lockdown is gone now! So, should we go back to the normal celebration regime?

No! Obviously not! We still need to follow the guidelines and make social distancing a part of our life (at least till the end of 2020). The virus is still out there seeking the new targets, and social distancing is the only thing that can keep us intact.

Photo by Jason Briscoe on Unsplash

So, the question still remains unanswered: how to celebrate?

The answer is – Go Digital! Yes, it is the perfect time to put technology to use. You can celebrate with your loved ones digitally and can still create memories. In place of personal meetings and night outs, use video conferencing to communicate. Don’t take it as a boring thing to do, by celebrating over video conferencing; you will be keeping your loved ones safe. We all know that the virus has evolved, and many people who are affected witness no symptoms. In that case, the person with no symptoms is not at risk, but he/she can transfer the virus to the person he/she meets.

It’s high time to understand that! Celebrating Digitally is a new way of showing love and care.

One more thing that we all will miss in celebration is presenting GIFTS.

Nooooo! You don’t have to miss out on the GIFT aspect as there are many online gifting websites which provide gifts for all the occasions and also deliver them. For example; the festival of Raksha Bandhan is humming around the corner and celebrating it while following social distancing; online gifting websites are offering the service to send different types of rakhi such as designer rakhi, pearl rakhi, bracelet rakhi, and rudraksha rakhi online.

Not just for Raksha Bandhan, people can find and send gifts of all types of occasion and can explore gift ideas according to the relation. A celebration becomes memorable because of the people involved and not the elements like the place of the party, food, music etc.

Communicating with your loved ones and surprising them with your love by sending them gifts is the way to celebrate without putting life to risk. It’s time to understand what is important and what’s not!

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