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Tips on how to pursue a career in the gaming industry



The gaming industry is worth more than films and music combined, yet few of us will put their gaming skills in their CV’s and openly discuss their experience in this field. This happens because of the global stigma that gamers are introverts, antisocial and hard to communicate with. But, believe it or not, businesses are waking up to the skills gamers can bring to the working environment.

A man gaming at a computer
Photo by Florian Olivo on Unsplash

One start-up stands firm on the fact that skills learned playing games acquired through years of training and battles can be applied to real-life situations. Human resources and development experts say that the ability to assimilate information, react accordingly and co-ordinate actions whilst remaining calm under pressure are attributes of people that are good at gaming.

Few released studies how the popularity of video gaming among Gen Z will impact their career choices, potentially leading to skills shortages in traditional professions. Over 50% of the respondents would choose a career in gaming over becoming a lawyer, nurse or accountant.

The demand for jobs in video gaming is great news for an industry that continues to grow and produce world popular games. As a part of a study into the global gaming culture, 2000 youngsters from 8-18 years old were surveyed in order to express their opinion on this matter. This study found that over half of the respondents find that video gaming is their favourite hobby and pastime, with three in five saying that gaming is more fun than the real world. Playing video games is equipping Gen Z with the skills required for future employment, with an entrepreneur mindset flourishing among young fans. One interesting note to add on this is that they’ve either streamed their gameplay on platforms like Twitch or planned to, as it gives them the ability to earn money from posting their content.

Starting a career in gaming is no way an easy thing. Like every role-playing video game, the journey can be long and quite daunting. We’ve got tips on how to make it to the final level of your career game, get them right and you’ll be on your way to a great adventure.

Expose yourself

It may sound cliche, but none of us has gone far by staying in his comfort zone. Get the word out that you’re an aspiring game developer. Start making your own indie games and let people see and give feedback for them. You’ll learn so much from professionals and enthusiast in the process. If you ever find yourself stuck, you can always use their input to make the necessary tweaks to future projects. There are plenty of discussion boards or threads for this subject. The trick is that you have to find the right audience. You’ll be surprised how many people find your work full of potential. You may even get noticed by huge gaming companies if you’re lucky.


If you’re a fiction lover, this is the area of game design that might speak to you. The job of a game writer is to make sure that the game communicates effectively with its players in all aspects. After all, even you don’t want to play something that barely makes sense, don’t you? Games these days are very interactive compared to the days of Pac-Man or Snake. Players need to feel a great sense of adventure during their gaming. As a result, dialogues, side quests, character biographies and other game elements are more complex than ever before.

First, try writing for gaming-focused websites. There are many pages that publish reviews, guides or user analysis for different genres of games. Consider this option if you already have a lot of games in your backlog or have a word of advice to other gamers who want to improve their gaming experience. The online casino gaming industry pays a lot of attention to game reviews when it comes to this type of gaming. From experience to tips and technical gameplay – everything has to be lined up in order to provide the necessary info. For example, check the review on Reel Time Gaming’s Eye of Horus at SlotsWise. Inspired by the ancient Egyptian culture and mysteries around their civilisation, you’ll surely find the game and content quite interesting.

Create a gaming channel

It’s pretty possible to become an internet gaming sensation through posting videos or streaming your gameplay, as we mentioned earlier. Consider watching other gaming vloggers and take some inspiration from their methods. Social media can help you improve your online presence, but the key to being a top streamer is to be entertaining, engaging and really love to game. In the end, the key is to always be ready, adapt and take on any challenge you face. With hard work and perseverance, you will achieve anything that is on your mind.