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WorldStocks Review – Online Trading With a Regulated Broker


The financial market is a hub where people trade in different financial assets such as shares, bonds, derivatives, forex, etc. It is an avenue for people to trade their securities and convert to cash.

The world’s global economy is witnessing a downturn, forcing people to explore other means of raising earnings to meet their needs. Two factors characterize the financial market.

They include trading and investors or traders. These two elements are the bedrock of most national economies and can establish growth and development for the financial sector. A brokerage firm serves as an intermediary between traders and trading.

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Brokers are an independent party in over the counter (OTC) financial market and none financial market. They are basically a point of contact between individuals and organizations who seek to buy or sell financial or nonfinancial assets.

A broker should necessarily assure market liquidity and cater to the aspirations of its clients. The broker is also responsible for protecting the confidentiality of every transaction done on their platform by its clients.

Similarly, an outstanding brokerage firm must have a deep understanding of the financial markets and the goals and objectives of its client. Quality of service and provision of high value-added service is the hallmark of any reputable brokerage firm.

Aside from the fact that traders can lose their money while investing in a highly volatile terrain like the financial market, losing money as a result of theft is high.

Over the years, many people and corporations have fallen victim to dubious dealings with illegal entities masquerading as online broker firms.

With a multitude of brokerage firms in the financial market, spotting a genuine and transparent broker may pose as a challenge. Traders and investors are required to do a background check on any broker before selecting it as their broker of choice.

Trading in the financial market could be quite complex, so having a decent knowledge of financial market education is crucial.

There are several legitimate brokers out there that offer its clients satisfactory and excellent services. They help their traders to buy a host of financial products such as stocks, treasuries, bonds, forex, etc. They generate revenue by receiving a commission from traders or from spreads on account of clients. The needs and objectives of traders differ.

So a well set up broker is expected to be flexible to meet the needs of its clients. The goal of the generality of traders and investors in the financial market is to make a profit. Brokerage firms have in their employ, professional financial advisors whose role is to guide traders on making informed investment decisions that ultimately result in profit-making for the client.

One broker that has not failed to deliver as regards transparent, vision-oriented and fantastic service to its traders and investors is WorldStocks. In a market where integrity is fast becoming a rarity for many brokers, WorldStocks have repeatedly shown that trading can indeed be enjoyable and a successful venture.

An overview of WorldStocks

WorldStocks is a brokerage firm with the enviable tag of being one of the foremost brokers in the financial market. WorldStocks is a subsidiary of HF GLOBAL MANAGEMENT LTD; the Company registration number is 8423558-1. It’s registered office address is Suite C, second floor, Onion mall, Palm Street, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles.

he broker is a financial service company authorized and regulated as a securities dealer by the FSA. WorldStocks has a 24-hour hotline where clients can reach them for queries or information updates. The number is +35956598706. Their email address is given as [email protected]

The consensus among traders and investors in the industry reveals that WorldStocks are transparent and reliable with a knack for excellence. The broker offers its clients multiple accounts that meet the needs of their clients.

WorldStocks are known for providing a flexible trading service that is straightforward and easy to execute. WorldStocks have repeatedly demonstrated they are a broker to reckon with by offering a state of the art trading platform.

The broker ingeniously designed its platform to cater to both beginners and experienced traders. Traders and investors are assured of the safety of their funds following the strict standards they fully observe. Investors on their platforms can trade-in financial assets such as cryptos, stock, commodities, forex, etc.

Deciding on a broker may be a complicated process for traders. However, a rigorous focus of must-have features of a broker firm would uncover WorldStocks as a genuine broker firm.

This review has considered some fundamental elements of WorldStocks and why it is highly recommended for traders and investors in the financial market.

Multiple trading assets

Brokers’ capacity to trade numerous trading assets at this same time gives it an edge over other brokers. WorldStocks offer a plethora of trading assets that traders can invest in.

Another unique feature of WorldStocks is that the trading assets available on their platform indicate that the broker is evolving with the market trends. The following are some of the trading assets available on the WorldStocks platform.

  • Forex: The forex market involves the exchange of national currencies. Traders can survey, forecast, and speculate on the value of currencies and knowledgeable decisions on the one to trade in to make profits.

The forex market operates in a 24-hour cycle, and for five days in a week. WorldStocks allows traders and investors to trade on forex on its platform with the aid of a remarkable trading platform.

  • Stocks: People can become part owners of a company’s shares by acquiring shares that serve as a representation of the company’s assets. An organization may decide to issue stocks to raise money to drive the company’s decisions to expand and back new investment.


Trading in stocks great deal of tact and expertise. At WorldStocks, traders are presented with vital information that bolsters their chances of making profits.


  • Cryptocurrencies: The world is fast adopting this as a medium to buy and pay for services. Cryptocurrencies are virtual money payment method. Traders can speculate on the rise and fall of cryptocurrencies to enable them to trade.

Traders on the WorldStocks platform can trade cryptos through CFD accounts. Some of the notable crypto projects include Bitcoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.

Commodities: Resources extracted from the ground or are of natural sources are known as commodities. They are grouped into hard and soft commodities.

Hard commodities are products that are extracted. Examples are gold, oil, etc. On the other hand, soft commodities are mostly agriculture-based products such as sugar, wheat, livestock, etc.

Investors can trade-in any of the selected products under the WorldStocks platform. The broker has a systemic structure that ensures investors get the best value for their money.

They furnish their clients with updated information in the financial market, keeping them abreast of the dynamics of the financial market.

Types of account

WorldStocks have a variety of accounts that are suited for the needs and aspirations of clients. It doesn’t matter if the trader is a beginner or a professional in the trading; they have carefully designed their accounts to accommodate everyone.

Every intending trader on the WorldStocks platform is required to open an account. An account serves as a tool for traders to access and trade in the multiple financial instruments available on the WorldStocks network.

There are five types of accounts on the platform of WorldStocks. Traders can select any of these accounts based on their resources and experience of trading; they can also trade from any where in the world.

Essentials Account

This account is specially designed for those who do not have much knowledge in the aspect of trading. The minimum deposit balance of the essential account is $250. Users of this account are allowed to leverage by enabling them to spend more than the deposit they have in their account.

The essential account has a spread of 3.0 pips, while the lot size starts from 0.01. The essential account affords most beginners to trade the opportunities to learn the basics of trading without losing much in their investment. Users of this account are granted daily insights about trading.

Micro Account

Just above the essential account is the micro account. Traders who have gained only enough knowledge of trading can migrate to the micro account. The minimum deposit for this account is $1,000.

The account holds leverage of 1.75. What this means is that investors can trade 75 times more than their actual deposit. Spreads on the micro account are tight and are placed at 2.5 pips. Traders on this account can also benefit like daily market updates, which can be very useful to the trader.

Standard Account

The standard account is one of the most patronized accounts on the WorldStocks platform. The standard account is suitable for traders and investors who operate optimally in the financial market.

The minimum trading balance for the standard account is $5000.With the leverage of 1:100, users of the standard account can trade 100 times more than their existing account balance.

The spread on this account is positioned at 2.0 pips. Some of the benefits of the standard account include daily morning market updates, trading signal access, committed CSM, access to educational training programs, etc.

Premium Account

As the name implies, the premium account is designed for high-end clients who have mastered the trading art. The account has great features tailor-made for the needs of the trader. Spreads on these accounts start at 1.0 pips.

The minimum deposit requirement for the premium account is pegged at $40,000. Users of this account can enjoy amazing tools like the MT4 indicators, which provide direction for the account holders. Other benefits of this account are trading access signals, free VPS, and access to educational tools and resources.

Premium pro Account

The premium pro account is for users who have a vast knowledge of the trading of financial instruments. The premium pro account is mainly for individuals who have the financial strength to trade. The minimum trading balance for this account is $200,000.

The premium account has a leverage of 1:150 and spreads start at 1.1 pips. The size of this account is 0.01. This account includes quarterly analyst sessions, premium CSM, trading access signal, MT4 indicator, access to educational tools and resources, etc.

Deposits and Withdrawals

To prevent the problems of difficulty in depositing funds, WorldStocks makes it clear to its traders the acceptable standards for deposits. They include applicable fees, acceptable currencies, minimum account, etc.

Some traders prefer the deposition of funds via bank transfer because of the lesser risk it carries. However, if you favor a fast and easy method to fund your account, then payment through Debit and Credit card is best.

One major setback for some brokers is the difficulty traders face in a bid to withdraw their funds. With WorldStocks, such a burden for traders has been erased.

Traders on the WorldStocks platform can withdraw their money with ease, and it is very convenient. The following are the methods in which traders can withdraw their money from WorldStocks.

  • Debit/Credit Card
  • Bank transfer
  • Neteller

It is fascinating to note that the different methods of withdrawals come with varying charges.

Traders also need to meet up to the necessary conditions stipulated by the broker. These conditions include:

  • Submission to the dictates of the Anti- Money Laundering policies.
  • Withdrawals can only be made from the trading account of the client.
  • Compliance with the minimum withdrawal limit of the account.

ETF Trading

WorldStocks offers its clients the option of ETF trading. The opportunities with ETF trading are immense, and traders can take advantage of it. ETF trading allows traders to collect assets from other trading platforms. It is mainly done to enable traders to solidify their portfolios.

Algo Trading

Algo trading is another option available for traders on the platform of the WorldStocks platform. Traders who are beginners can opt for Algo trading, especially if they do not favor manual trading.

Algo trading is an automated trading software that can be initiated once the trader transfers control to the software. Once this is done, the software performs tasks such as placing and closing trades on behalf of the trader.

The software can help generate profits for the trader. Interested traders can contact the staff of WorldStocks to open an Algo trading account.

Some traders prefer automated trading to manual trading based on specific factors such as exactness, persistence, and promptness.

Trading platform

A broker must have a trading platform that is user friendly, fast, and seamless for transactions. WorldStocks trading platform is equipped with these features and built on a cutting-edge technology that assures traders of remarkable trading experience.

Considering the needs of their clients, WorldStocks have opted for a famous and world-class trading platform in the financial market, the Meta Trader 4. Traders and investors can attest to the fact the MT4 trading platform has a highly intuitive interface with a versatile background, desirable by those who wish to trade without stress.

The MT4 trading platform is available for users of both desktop, laptops, and mobile phones. The MT4 trading platform is open for users of both Android and iOS platforms.

Traders on the WorldStocks platform have access to Web Terminal that possesses the outstanding features of the MT4. Some of the other elements of the MT4 trading platform are :

  • Availability of multiple trading indicators.
  • one-click trading
  • Advanced charting
  • Multiple language options
  • Compatible with several devices
  • Automated trading facility.

Trading on the WorldStocks platform has made trading more exciting and profitable for traders. WorldStocks is committed to delivering maximum comfort and satisfaction to its clients as they navigate their platform.

Safety and Security

A significant challenge for some brokers is the vulnerability of their platforms to hackers and fraudsters. WorldStocks has taken appropriate measures in ensuring the safety and protection of both the privacy and funds of its traders.

One of the actions taken includes keeping funds of clients in separate accounts. This guarantees that traders’ funds are secured even if the broker becomes bankrupt. Similarly, the broker has also implemented two significant policies that promote the safety of funds of their clients. These policies are the Anti -Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) initiatives.


Traders can only trade using their own names, and third party accounts are not allowed on the platform. Furthermore, traders are required to submit proof of ID and residence before they are authorized to open an account on their platform.

Customer Support

A good broker cannot be complete without excellent customer support. WorldStocks appreciates this fact, and so they have put up a great team of experts who serve as support staff to meet the demands of its clients.

The customer support of WorldStocks functions optimally for 24 hours a day. Every customer query is not only diligently handled, but also provides a robust guide to traders as they continue with their trading experience on the platform. Clients can reach the WorldStocks customer support team via telephone, email, etc.


Taking a holistic look at the service delivery of WorldStocks as a brokerage firm, it is safe to say that they are indeed a broker to trust. They have painstakingly covered every aspect of their mandate to deliver a fantastic trading experience for their clients.