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What’s Patrick Van Negri’s Advice for Content Creators Who Want to Strike a Work-Life Balance?

As a successful content creator, you can bet that Patrick Van Negri always has a full schedule, packed with a myriad of tasks he must complete. While there’s no doubt about the fact that he truly enjoys what he does (and is very good at it), one cannot deny the fact that a constant flow of work can sometimes be very stressful.

This is especially true when it begins to hamper your creativity or come in the way of your work-life balance. As a fellow content creator, you’re probably wondering how he balances creative demands and stress. This is what Patrick Van Negri advises you should do:

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You Should Regulate your Sleep Cycle

Patrick suggests that content creators who are trying to build their careers should practice regulating their sleep cycle and waking up without alarm clocks. This is primarily because doing so allows you to let your mind and body decide when they are well-rested. While Patrick Van Negri goes to sleep around 4-7 am, he doesn’t advocate that other people do the same. This is because he believes that everyone has different needs as well as creative and administrative demands, which is why it is important to personalize your sleep cycle to suit the same and listen to your body.

You Should Find Coping Mechanisms for Stress!

Everyone deals with stress in different ways, which is why Patrick suggests that you should explore a few different coping mechanisms for stress or anxiety. Some people may find that working out helps them feel less worried about their work, while others may find that meditation helps them keep their emotions at bay.

You should either start your day with such activities or end your day with the same. Patrick states that he enjoys prolonged fasting periods, and drinking his pre-workouts and then working out on an empty stomach, which helps him with stress management and efficiency.

You Should Take Steps to Improve Your Sleep Quality!

There’s a vast difference between sleeping and sleeping well. As a creative person, you know how important it is for your mind to be rested so that you can generate ideas. By making sure you sleep properly, you can always count on having enough energy to create content, engage with fans, and promote your work. There are a few tips that you can keep in mind to ensure you sleep well.

For starters, do not use any electronics for at least an hour before your bedtime. This is because the blue light of the computer/smartphone screen messes up your circadian rhythm and makes it harder for you to fall asleep. You should also ensure that your room is pitch-dark before sleeping. The temperature of your room matters a lot too – make sure it’s no more than 65-degrees F. Patrick also believes that you should not drink a lot of water before bedtime as your sleep will be interrupted by nature’s call.

These tips have helped Patrick Van Negri strike the perfect balance between creative and administrative demands and stress. This is why he has emerged as one of the leading content creators when it comes to men’s fashion, grooming, fitness, travel, tech, and lifestyle. Follow these tips to keep sane and healthy and to improve your ability to create engaging content!

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