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How is the current pandemic of Covid-19 affecting the job market and the educational sector?


As the current pandemic of Coronavirus hit the globe unexpectedly in 2020, the educational sector got affected badly which directly affected the job market as well.

The situation has had some effects on the students as well as the institutions.

The new trend of online classes.

As the educational institutes are closed by the government; the schools, colleges and universities had no option but to switch to online platforms as no one knows how long the pandemic would last.

Now, so many institutions were not prepared for this change and it was new for the students as well.

However, there are certain positive and negative effects of this situation on the industry.

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The institutes became technologically well equipped:

As the practice of conducting classes in a physical classroom atmosphere was restricted by the legal bodies, the institutes switched to online platforms on a very short notice.

However, the situation created a panic but it enabled the institutes and the students to deal with such unexpected situations efficiently and effectively.

The educational bodies would be much confident to face a situation like this in future after going through the current pandemic as now, they know that they can tackle these challenges proficiently.

Fret of the cheating culture:

While conducting the educational activities on an online platform, various institutions decided to conduct online exams where the wish of many students was turned into a reality – Giving the exams while sitting at their homes.

Now, the students were not invigilated by anyone during their exams though some institutes did ask the students to be present on a video call while doing their exam.

But you can’t really tell if person is cheating or not even if you see them on a screen because at the end of the day, you are with them in a virtual world.

Many students took the advantage and passed their exams using indecent means.

Effect on job market:

Now, as many students took advantage of the current situation of covid-19 and the online classes, it would have an adverse effect on the job market.

The students who were dishonest in the online classes and exams would not possess sufficient skills and training that is required for the fields but they would be on merit keeping in mind how much they can score by indecent means.

So, this situation can increase the risk of the entrance of inefficient candidates in the market.

How is the learning getting affected?

No matter how much advanced you get in your field, the skills that you can develop through real life experiences cannot be gained via online platforms.

The students are being taught in their comfort zones which will serve as a barrier in their way of effective learning.

The students cannot complete their internship hours in this pandemic and even various internships are being held online as well which will not foster the learning of the individuals the same way as the internships where the students physically visit the market and complete their tasks.

The future of job market:

Due to the current situation, the future of the market is bleak at the moment but after things get back to normal, there will be an influx of candidates who could deal with challenging situations efficiently and some candidates who would not be able to meet the criteria of the required skill set as there are high chances that the online educational system was not suitable for all the students and it could have affected the learning and mental growth of many students.

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