Motorists “lucky not to have been decapitated” after ladder comes loose from back of van on motorway


HEART-stopping footage shows the moment a ladder is thrown from the back of a van traveling at more than 72mph and into the path of other cars on the motorway.

The dramatic moment took place yesterday on a stretch of the M5 near Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire.

Motorist Luke Kibble, 23, was “lucky not to have been decapitated” when the ladder came loose from the van that was overtaking him at the time.

He caught the terrifying ordeal on his dashcam and confirmed that miraculously nobody was hurt.

As the footage begins, the van is seen overtaking Luke in the outside lane carrying the ladder on its roof.

Suddenly, the load begins to slide to the right and part of the ladder whips round.

The whole thing is sent tumbling off the back of the van and onto the road.

It crashes down and sends part directly into Luke’s lane, forcing him to slam on the brakes.

Ladder falls off van on busy motorway
Luke was forced to slam on his brakes when he saw what was coming (C) Luke Kibble

The ladder continues to veer across all three lanes, forcing a black car on Luke’s left hand side to swerve quickly out of the way.

A gobsmacked Luke took to social media to share the hair-raising moment shortly after.

He posted the clip saying: “Driving up the M5 today.

“Couldn’t Adam & Eve it. The van driver did stop shortly after.”

Heart stopping moment ladder flies of the back of a van travelling at 72 mph on motorway
The ladder flew off at more than 72mph (C) Luke Kibble

The dramatic clip has stunned social media users.

Adrian John wrote: “Lucky not to decapitate someone with that.”

Greg Richardson added: “They were so close to going into the other carriageway that would have caused carnage.”

And David Brown said: “If more vehicles on that road would have been a different story.”

Ladder lying in road
The ladder skidded across three lanes (C) Luke Kibble

Speaking today, civil servant Luke said: “I remained pretty calm, that’s why I braked rather than swerve into either lane.

“The ladder sliding went straight past my wheels, I didn’t hit it.

“I carried on and the van driver pulled up on the hard shoulder further up.”