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Scottish ice-cream company Mackie’s launch Lotus “Biscoff” tap at Aberdeen parlour

Biscoff tap
The Biscoff tap is part of a new menu at 19.2 (image supplied)

SCOTTISH ice cream makers Mackies have announced a new flavour of sauce at their Aberdeen parlour following its reopening last week.

Fans of Lotus’ “Biscoff” biscuit can rejoice, as the snack will now be available to enjoy in the form of a smooth, hot topping on their ice-cream, waffles and crepes.

The flavoured sauce follows on from previous limited-runs from the two taps, with peanut butter and white chocolate previously proving popular, alongside the ever-present milk chocolate tap.

The Aberdeen 19.2 parlour re-opened on 01 July with a brand-new menu.

Located in Aberdeen’s Marischal Square, it is operating a takeaway-only system at the premises and a delivery service in association with Deliveroo.

Parlour Manager Yvette Harrison
Parlour Manager Yvette Harrison (image supplied)

Parlour Manager, Yvette Harrison said: “Our team have fallen in love with the new addition and we are looking forward to sharing it with our customers.

“Biscoff sauce on our handmade ice cream will be an added treat this summer. Hopefully, it will be as big of a hit with our customers as the previous ever-flowing taps. It’s a real on-trend flavour so will be interesting to see.

“You can still enjoy Mackie’s milk chocolate from the other tap – and if you can’t decide which one is best – just have both on your ice cream.

“I am very excited to be welcome customers back into the ice cream parlour and can’t wait for them to try our new delicious sauce.”

Lotus Biscoff has become one of the world’s most popular biscuits with around 6 billion units baked each year.

The Belgian cookie is most commonly served with coffee and is savoured across seven continents.

Mackie’s 19.2 will be open from 2pm-9pm seven days a week with a limited number of customers within the store at any one time.

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