Uninsured Amazon driver slaps village with £3000 bill after destroying wall

AN “UNINSURED” Amazon driver has left residents of a hamlet with a £3000 bill after totally destroying a wall.
The wall was completely wrecked and residents of Little Meadle were quoted £3000 to fix the mess (C) David Ullathorne

AN UNINSURED Amazon driver left residents of a hamlet with a £3000 bill after totally destroying a wall.

Locals in Little Meadle, Buckinghamshire were stunned when they saw that a communal wall had been knocked down by a reckless driver on 31 May.

The driver fled the scene, but left a note bearing the Amazon logo which reads: “Sorry smashed your wall, call me” with a number attached.

However, resident David Ullathorne, 62, says that when his insurance broker attempted to process the claim – they found the driver was uninsured.

Note left by Amazon driver
The driver left a note despite the fact he had no insurance (David Ullathrone)

Pictures show the pile of bricks and rubble left behind after the wall was smashed.

David has been quoted £3000 for the repairs to the barn wall, and says Amazon were uncontactable throughout the nightmare.

The “frustrated” company director eventually took to social media on Wednesday to try and elicit a response.

He posted photos of the destruction, saying: “Damage caused by an uninsured Amazon driver.

Picture of David Ullathorne
Picture of David Ullathorne

“Amazon please take some responsibility before one of your drivers seriously injures someone.

“All I want is to talk to someone at Amazon and get this sorted without taking legal action.”

Speaking last week, David said: “We went out on a Sunday and when we came back the wall had been knocked over which was obviously quite surprising.

“People were in at the time, but nobody knew what had happened until a neighbour found the note a few days later.

“I can only imagine he drove off because he did not have insurance.

Wall partially fixed
The wall having been made safe by David’s builders (C) David Ullathorne

“On 23 June my broker came back to say that the van was not insured in his name and they have been trying to get hold of Amazon but it is impossible to speak to anyone.

“It’s just frustrating, it will get fixed but it looks like we might have to dig into our own pockets.

“I mean this is really minor compared to what could have happened.

“Someone could have been seriously injured, Amazon should be ensuring that their drivers are properly insured.”

David confirmed on Monday that since being contacted by the press, Amazon had agreed to fix the damage.

Amazon also said they were hoping to resolve the issue.

An Amazon spokeswoman said: “We are working closely with our delivery service provider to ensure this matter is resolved as quickly as possible and are in direct communication with the customer.”