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Pro Tips for Liverpool Property Investments


Things may look dismal for the economy but all is not lost. There are still smart and viable investments you can make. To find the best places to purchase consider a property sourcing Liverpool company. In this article, I will be helping you navigate through all of your property sourcing questions.

Let’s get to it!

#1: Property Sourcing Liverpool Company

Most people think investing in properties are only for the very wealthy or people lucky enough to inherit an estate. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Liverpool is an up and coming area that offers something for everyone.

The demand for Liverpool rentals and purchase are high as the city offers four universities and twelve medical centres and hospitals. The yield on the properties in this area is impressive as well with most places offering an average of eight per cent.

A property sourcing Liverpool company can help you find the right property for your needs and Winova Properties offers a fantastic minimum yield of TEN per cent!

Another important consideration is the capita growth rate for Liverpool. They currently have an annual growth of over four per cent. If you are considering a buy-to-let investment, rental properties are set to increase by three and a half per cent!

The best property searching company in Liverpool
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#2: Investment Options

One of the biggest questions asked about buying properties is how much it will cost to begin investing. While prices vary with an experienced sourcing company you can expect to pay only thirty-five thousand pounds!

Winova Property offers multiple options for purchasing property for investments. You can do any of the following:

  1. Buy-to-let – purchased property to rent to others
  2. Buy-to-Let Mortgage – your purchase is based on your loan amount and rental income to pay off the mortgage
  3. HMOs
  4. Student Lets
  5. Single Lets to Tenants on Benefits
  6. Holiday Lets
  7. Commercial Property
  8. Lease Options
  9. Single Lets to Professionals
  10. Rent-to-Rent

With so many investment options it has never been easier to buy and make money on properties in Liverpool. You can contact a local property company to discuss which option suits your needs most.

#3: Selling Your Property for Investment

If you need to relocate quick or need to sell your property for other reasons reach out to Winova Properties to find out how to get the most money and fastest turnaround. Unlike other sales, a short sale can be conducted at lighting speed and save you a lot of money.

To start the process simply reach out and provide all the details you can about your current property. Then you can schedule a time for a tour and walk-through where the house will be appraised and reviewed. Surprisingly even if your property is not in good condition you can still receive a great offer as Winova will flip your property for profit. You can save money on the following as well:

  • No fees for solicitors
  • Get the best price paid in cash
  • Flexible purchase options

Contact Winova Properties today to get a quote right away.

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