Disgusting video shows “deplorable” living conditions in tenement building littered with needles and human waste


SHOCKING footage has emerged showing “shameful” conditions in a block of flats, which are littered with waste and human excrement.

The video shows the “deplorable” state of a tenement building in Govanhill, Glasgow where one person is said to still be living.

The clip was shared on Tuesday [7 Jul] by GMB Scotland’s Cleansing Convenor for Glasgow, Chris Mitchell, who is now calling for a clampdown on negligent landlords.

However, the council say their hands are tied as mess is due to a legal battle over an adjacent building, which has a demolition order in place which is preventing them from gaining access.

In the video, Chris is seen walking through the building pointing out human excrement on the floor as well as hypodermic needles.

The camera pans around to show missing plasterboard, and exposed brick and mortar to the air.

As he walks around, he says: “The landlords are obviously not adhering to, it’s absolutely shocking that people in this day and age are living in this it’s shameful.”

“The landlords really do need to take responsibility in this and so do the housing associations if they are part of this, because this is absolutely deplorable.”

Picture of Chris Mitchel inside the "deplorable" home
Pictured Chris Mitchell said: ” The landlords really do need to take responsibility in this and so do the housing associations if they are part of this, because this is absolutely deplorable.”

Chris walks further down a corridor to expose a gaping hole in the roof, as he turns a corner there is more human waste and rubbish spewed across the floor.

Other problems include exposed wiring, mouldy walls and debris left by fly tippers.

Speaking today (Wednesday) Chris said:” We are challenging rogue landlords for exploiting peoples misery.”

“This place was absolutely horrendous, the front door had been lying on its’ hinges for 12 months.”

“The landlords need to take a good look at themselves, they have a duty of care.”

“I would hope that the council can work with us hand in hand.”

The videos were posted to Twitter on Tuesday [7 Jul], captioned: “People of Govanhill shocking conditions for this day and age as seen in this videos by GMB branch 40 convenor Chris Mitchell, time for a change.”

Photo of horrible conditions inside a Govanhill stairwell
The “deplorable” conditions inside one building in Govanhill

They caused disgust among social media users.

@MMocabol said: “That’s terrible man, how can they possibly get the bins through the close if all that sh** is lying there?

“And there’s actual sh** on the ground too. Just horrible that is.”

@Craighoneyjmr71: “Looks like you have just stepped back into the 1970’s last time I seen a back court like that, disgrace.”

@LynneCI28614721 wrote: “Disgusting, no one should live like that.”

A spokesman for Glasgow City Council said: “These videos show a backcourt which is shared with a dangerous building with such high levels of disrepair that it was closed for demolition in June 2017.

“Due to safety concerns, residents were instructed to use bins placed on the street and no bin collections from this backcourt have taken place since June 2017.”

“There is no routine reason for our staff to be on this property, which is privately owned and is currently the subject of legal proceedings.”

“Since 2015, we have been implementing a long term strategy to tackle poor property management in Govanhill.”

“We are also now seeking to use compulsory purchase powers to tackle remaining examples of poor property management in the area.”

“Owners are always ultimately responsible for the upkeep of their property and we already work with housing associations and factors to improve the condition of their backcourts where ever possible.”

“Where necessary, we can use existing environmental health powers to ensure appropriate standards in backcourts are maintained.”