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Glasgow woman’s ‘sight saved’ after local optometrist suspects serious condition

Glasgow woman's sight saved by optometrist
Catriona Pinkerton’s quick thinking saved mum-of-one Gillian’s sight
© Martin Shields

A GLASGOW mum has undergone potentially sight-saving surgery after a local optometrist spotted her serious condition.

Gillian Young, from Shettleston, called Specscavers at Glasgow Fort after noticing floating shapes in her field of vision.

The 47-year-old also reported that she was losing sight in the bottom half of her eye.

Gillian said: “I began to panic when I woke up with cloudy vision. I thought it may have been an eye infection so called my GP friend who advised me to contact my local optician.

“The cloudiness began to change into what looked like floaters and I was slowly losing the vision in the bottom half of my eye.

“I have a two-year old son at home and my husband William is a key worker therefore I was at home on my own, becoming increasingly distressed.”

Woman's sight saved by Specsavers optometrist
Catriona Pinkerton. Director and Optometrist at Glasgow Fort
© Martin Shields

Luckily, staff member Catriona Pinkerton was on hand, and urgently called Gillian in following a telephone consultation.

She then referred her to hospital, where Gillian received sight saving surgery at Gartnavel General Hospital in Glasgow for her detatched retina.

Catriona added: “I spoke to Gillian initially on the phone to assess the situation and knew immediately she’d have to be referred to hospital.

“It had been almost 18 years since Gillian’s last eye examination so I wasted no time in referring her directly as I suspected a detached retina given the description of her symptoms.”

The mum-of-one underwent a series of tests at the hospital which confirmed she did have a retinal detachment which, if left untreated, could potentially have caused blindness.

Gillian continued: “I was shocked at how quickly the process progressed. Within 24 hours I was in Gartnavel General Hospital ready for surgery.

“The team there praised Catriona’s quick thinking and swift referral, as I could have lost my sight if left untreated even for a day longer.

“Thankfully the detached retina is now healing well and I should have a full range of vision in the coming weeks.

“I can’t thank Catriona enough for her help – my life could have changed significantly if the condition hadn’t be caught quickly.”

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