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Choosing The Best Serverless Platform For Your Project

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Serverless platforms are the latest trend. Nobody actually uses the traditional platform for architecture hosting. Serverless computing is more scalable, efficient, and agile. There is no need to manage the infrastructure or invest in storage with serverless computing. Professional vendors do everything. If you want to choose a serverless platform for your project. You need to know about the best ones available in the market. In this post, we will show you four best serverless platforms for your project.

Serverless Platform:

The word serverless means, the owner of the project doesn’t have to worry about server configuration or anything related to it. The vendors maintain all these things. Here different types of containers are used to provide the functionality to your app or website. The power keeps on changing usage. When more users are using the app, power increases automatically. And when the users decrease, the power changes on its own.

5 Best Serverless Platforms:

Here is a list of 5 best serverless platforms for you.

The best serverless platform
The best serverless platform. Photo by Science in HD on Unsplash
  1. AWS Lambda:

AWS Lambda is a platform provided by Amazon Web Services. This platform works on triggers. With the help of triggers, it determines the computing power. It is mostly used for apps that are built using Python, Java, C#, etc. It is mainly used for SaaS platforms (Software as a Service).


  • Free Version: 1 million requests in 400,000 seconds monthly.
  • Premium Version: $0.20 for 1 million requests for 1 GB every second.


  • You only need to pay for what you have used
  • Don’t have to manage infrastructure
  • Code Deployment is easy


  • Call Pattern is complicated
  • Computational limitations
  1. Google Cloud Functions:

This platform is meant for event-driven development. The code written by developers is connected to Google Cloud. It set triggers which are then used to activate a response.


  • Free: Two million requests
  • $0.40: Next million request


  • Google Cloud Functions is more affordable than AWS and Azure.
  • Instant updates are available.


  • There are many problems like power outages and performance problems.
  1. Microsoft Azure:

There are more than 100 tools available with this platform. Cloud and edge computing are used by this platform to provide services. The tools help in testing, deployment, and integration on a continuous basis.


  • The subscription price depends upon the power used by the app. You can use the price calculator to check the price.


  • You can enjoy high cybersecurity with this platform
  • There are options to check the scalability


  • Low-performance speed
  • Server management knowledge required

  1. Alibaba Functions:

Like Google Cloud, it is an event-driven platform. It is used for developing codes and managing updates. You can enjoy seamless scaling with this platform.


  • $19 for one month


  • Trigger mechanism
  • Chinese Nods accessible
  • Works with multiple languages


  • Price is less flexible
  • Limited APIs
  • English Language problems
  1. IBM Bluemix:

This platform works with triggers. There are rules which describe conditions for execution. Every component is given a task for execution. There are many flexible components that you can use for your web projects.


  • $0.000017 every second


  • It is flexible
  • Web IDE


  • Complicated Interface
  • Poor Tech Support
  • Bugs and Limitations

These are the five best serverless platforms you can use for a project.

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