NHS worker and Covid-19 survivor goes viral after donating plasma to help coronavirus sufferers

NHS worker donates plasma to help fight coronavirus
Bob Jeffery contracted the virus back in April (Image: Jemma Kemp)

AN NHS worker and Covid-19 survivor has gone viral after donating plasma from his blood to help other coronavirus sufferers.

“Superhero” Bob Jeffery, from Northfleet, Kent has been lauded for his efforts after he donated the fluid on 9 July.

The NHS carpenter caught the virus back in April and later tested positive for potentially life-saving antibodies.

As a result, “legend” Bob, 62, decided to give back once again and arranged to donate some of his blood so that the plasma could be extracted.

Bob Jeffery donates plasma for coronavirus fight
Bob is a carpenter at Lewisham Hospital in London. (Image: Bob Jeffery)

His daughter, Jemma Kemp, 37, shared a photo of her dad post-donation to a Facebook group shortly after, saying: “My brilliant dad.

“Not only does he work for the NHS. He’s had COVID-19 and now he’s giving back too.

“Today he donated his plasma (it’s from his blood. Not his pee as it looks in this picture.)

“He tested positive for the virus and then positive again for the antibodies, therefore he can donate his plasma to help other patients that are suffering from COVID-19.

“If his plasma is good (no doubt it’s the best knowing him ), he’ll be asked to donate some more.

Bob Jeffery donates plasma for coronavirus fight
Bob’s efforts have earned him legions of fans.

“He’ll do anything for a biscuit. And yes that is a LUFC [Leeds United Football Club] face mask.

“What a legend my dad, Bob, is.”

In the image, Bob is seen beaming at the camera and clutching a bag of Sars Cov-2 plasma in his hand.

Since Jemma’s post, the Leeds United fan has clocked up more than 54,000 likes on his photo.

Many have praised Bob for his selfless efforts.

One user wrote under Jemma’s post: “You f****** legend, go Bob. Everybody: be like Bob.”

NHS worker donates plasma for coronavirus fight
Bob’s selflessness was shared online by daughter Jemma Kemp (Image: Jemma Kemp)

Another added: “Now that’s a superhero.”

And one user said: “Brilliant to give back after C19, what a horrible virus it is. Well done Bob.”

Speaking today, Jemma explained how her dad – a father of three and grandfather of four – worked throughout the pandemic only taking time off when he was ill.

Jemma, from Rochester, Kent said: “He was really shocked to hear he had the virus and self isolated as instructed. He has now recovered fully and is feeling fine now.

“He donated the plasma on Thursday 9th July as he wanted to help others not as fortunate as him.

“The plasma is used for COVID-19 patients who are on ventilators.

“I put the post up to show everyone how proud we all are of my dad. Apart from the time off he had when he had the virus.

Bob Jeffery donates plasma for coronavirus fight
Bob has been hailed as a hero.

“He has worked at the hospital throughout this pandemic, although he is not a doctor or a nurse he’s so well thought of at the hospital by the staff as he’s always on hand to help them out.

“My mum also had the virus and tested positive at the same time as my dad and she has now recovered fully.

“It’s their 40th wedding anniversary on the 19th July and both of them are a true inspiration.”

It is thought that plasma from people who have recovered from Covid-10 could be the key to identifying the antibodies needed to fight the disease.

The NHS are currently trialing plasma to confirm the safety and effectiveness of these transfusions as methods of treatment against the virus.