“Is my life not worth it?” High-risk mum’s emotional plea to anti mask-wearers

Mum makes plea for people to wear masks
Leanne Thompson regularly has to attend hospital for life saving medication. (Image: Leanne Thompson)

A MOTHER-of-three with an autoimmune disease has shared an emotional plea for Britons to wear a face mask, so she can continue seeing her children and “watch them grow up”.

Leanne Thompson, 36, suffers from Crohn’s disease, making her more susceptible to infections.

The mum, from Shoeburyness, Essex says even essential hospital visits now pose a threat to her life and is begging people to wear facemasks.

In a Facebook post yesterday, Leanne, who was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at 18, made an impassioned plea asking, “Is my life not worth it?”

Mum makes emotional plea for people to wear masks
Leanne with children Ollie, 7, Piper, 5 and Arya, 3. (Image: Leanne Thompson)

She also shared an image showing her hooked up to an intravenous drip, receiving her life-saving medication.

Leanne, who is mum to Ollie, 7, Piper, 5 and Arya, 3 explained how she requires strong medication to manage her condition.

She wrote in the post: “My immune system is on the floor and I am vulnerable to infection. Yep, COVID-19 is a very real threat to me.

“For those of you who don’t want to wear a mask because it’s an infringement of rights, or uncomfortable, or you think it’s going to starve you of oxygen (it isn’t) I ask you to please take your head out of your a*** and think of others at this horrendous time.

“I’m not talking about those who can’t wear a mask, I am well aware of invisible disabilities and those who genuinely can’t- you need protecting too by those who can wear a mask

Mum makes emotional plea to wear masks
Leanne wants to be around for Arya, Ollie and Piper. (Image: Leanne Thompson)

She adds: “I would very much like to see my babies grow up and if you are wearing a mask while you pop to the shop means less chance of this virus getting to me and mine, is that not worth it? Is my life not worth it? How about the many like me – are they not worth it either?

“Is it asking too much to save a life? Even if you don’t believe it will save a life, isn’t it worth it. Just in case it can actually save lives?

Leanne’s post has prompted a wave of support from social media users.

Danielle McConnell wrote: “Any anti maskers you can kick their a** too Thompson”.

Dawn Gladdy said: “Just saw this and thought it was so true, so many selfish people not thinking of others.”

Mum makes emotional plea for people to wear masks
Leanne with husband Kit Thompson (Image: Leanne Thompson)

Stefano Vitchichski commented: “Hang in there. Stay safe. And please everyone wear a mask and take precautionary measures.

“You can spread the virus and not even know you have it”

Speaking today, Leanne said:  “Since COVID-19 that’s just not the case anymore and with such a huge threat it’s more important than ever to weigh up the risks when leaving home.

“People say I should just stay home. I have sacrificed a lot, I long to get back to gigging around Essex once more as a singer- but it’s not safe and so that’s on hold indefinitely.

“I have three young children, two of them have special needs so actually staying in the house 24/7 is unrealistic.

“We do have to venture out for exercise and my husband to the shops for essentials for time to time.

“I am concerned about the attitude of some who deem wearing a mask in a shop too great an effort no matter the consequence to others- but have been overwhelmed by the support my message has received.”