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Will people continue to shop locally as lockdown eases?


Various aspects of the coronavirus lockdown have been eased in the United Kingdom. The virus is now at lower levels, but the risk of COVID-19 still exists, which is why protective screens and face coverings are paramount. People can leave their homes for the first time in months. They can now go wherever they want and be where they need to be.

Will coronavirus have a lasting impact on the shopping experience.
Man walking with camera in hand and shopping Photo by Erik McLean

During lockdown, consumers used local shops, preferring to spend their money at places offering locally-produced products. People have been showing a different behavior as compared to the time when staying at home wasn’t mandatory. You can only wonder: Will people still shop locally now that lockdown measures have eased?

Some consumers intend to continue their new habit

Numerous people have resorted to local firms to get their essentials during lockdown and they will continue to shop locally even if the restrictions are easing. The aim is to avoid unnecessary travel, which may seem harsh at first glance but is a good decision. The crisis has taught people that small local businesses are the only ones they can rely on.

Independent businesses have seen their phones go into meltdown. Entrepreneurs have managed to improve the business success rate in a relatively short amount of time whilst serving the community. More shops will be reopening, which is a positive step towards the recovery of the economy. The Scottish Government has even launched a campaign urging citizens to shop locally despite the fact that the high streets are reopening.

Buying local food reduces food waste. Food waste is a sustainability challenge, not to mention a threat to food security. During the lockdown, consumers have developed food waste reduction habits and learned to save food, money, and produce soil additives for their gardens. Unfortunately, it took a global food crisis to make people realise that it’s not a good idea to let food go to waste.

Businesses fear that they won’t survive the COVID-19 pandemic

The global pandemic has challenged businesses to demonstrate their ability to survive. Some have succeeded in surviving these past couple of months, while others are pretty sure they won’t have a future at all. Entrepreneurs have been put in the situation of choosing between keeping their business healthy or themselves.

Loans are in short supply, so many have resorted to secured types of lending. You can, for instance, get a logbook loan against your classic car. It’s an alternative way of financing a company. Money is a much-needed resource for any business. Attention needs to be paid to the fact that logbook loans are used only in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

To sum up, buying locally will save some businesses, but it won’t save them all. Entrepreneurs need to be conscious that not everyone agrees that local is the best. Some people believe that acquiring locally-produced products doesn’t have the advertised benefits. This is why it’s necessary to rethink business.

In today’s ever-changing world, it’s paramount to observe and evaluate what is happening – in other words, to stay on top of the trends.