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Scott Dylan & Dave Antrobus Comment on Inc & Co’s Latest Digital Business Acquisition: Skylab

Inc. & Co.’s  latest acquisition, Skylab, is renowned for its digital strategies for major sporting names.

Fresh Thinking Group (FTG) is pleased to announce that one of their holding groups, Inc & Co, has now acquired Skylab, an innovation agency with a focus on digital transformation for sporting brands. FTG funds all of Inc & Co’s acquisitions, enabling the group to offer much-needed capital injections and transform businesses into prosperous firms.

Skylab conceives digital strategies for high-profile names across the sports landscape, such as FIFA, Manchester United, and Manchester City football clubs, as well as Scuderia Toro Rosso and Aston Martin Red Bull Racing, plus federations including Swim England and the British Paralympic Association.

Based in Trafford Park, Manchester, Skylab creates a blueprint for each of its clients, developing sustainable growth and valuable digital assets. The agency aims to build awareness and engagement around each sports brand to help them become scalable, generate revenue streams, and improve overall commercial success.

Photo by Benjamin Davies on Unsplash

With funding from Fresh Thinking Group and business guidance from Inc & Co, Skylab is set to undergo a technological transformation that will further boost their prominent position in the sporting landscape.

Fresh Thinking Group’s Co-Founder and Technology Director Dave Antrobus will, as Group Level’s technology-based developments leader, help guide Skylab through this technological transformation. As an award-winning software specialist, Dave will mentor Skylab’s team from a tech point of view and conceive software solutions to further grow the Skylab brand.

‘It’s an exciting time for Fresh Thinking Group and the Inc & Co brand. Our acquisition strategy for 2020 is proving successful and we are excited to see Skylab thrive as a result of the acquisition.,’ says Dave Antrobus, Technology Director of Fresh Thinking Group and Inc & Co Group.

‘This is the next step in our ongoing and successful growth plan,’ adds Jack Mason, Group CEO. ‘Acquiring Skylab strengthens our digital innovation capabilities, offering all members of the agency collective, as well as new and existing clients, a chance to tap into Skylab’s specialist skillsets.’

Skylab’s Bafta-winning Founder Nigel Collier and Strategy Director David Logan will continue to work with the organisation in its new position within Inc & Co’s collaborative group.

Visit Skylab’s website or get in touch at [email protected] to discuss how Skylab could market your sporting brand.

About Inc & Co

Inc & Co acquire Skylab
Inc & Co is a business collective helping to revitalise companies (image supplied)

Inc & Co is a business collective that acquires and revitalises businesses in fiercely competitive digital and creative sectors. The group enriches these businesses with the competitive edge that they need to thrive in the marketplace, enabling each organisation to meet carefully plotted business goals. Each company under the Inc & Co umbrella also has the opportunity to collaborate with Inc & Co’s other companies, strengthening client relationships and business idea generation.

Aside from Skylab, Inc & Co has transformed a number of creative organisations that are now widely recognised across the UK, including the mobile app development company Cuhu, digital-marketing agency Neon, and award-winning creative agency Brass. Skylab’s expertise in digital strategy will strengthen Inc & Co’s network of creative entrepreneurial businesses.

The ampersand in ‘Inc & Co’ is an important symbol to the collective, representative of the inclusive bond that helps its companies to thrive.

Support for Digital Businesses

Inc & Co acquire Skylab
Jack Mason and Dave Antrobus (image supplied)

Digital businesses that join Inc & Co benefit from specialist guidance and a wealth of business-development opportunities: each company in the Inc & Co collective has access to shared resources and HR support, not to mention Fresh Thinking Group’s financial frameworks. These systems are designed to optimise business growth, both in terms of performance and client bases.

From a dedicated marketing team and mentorship schemes to top-level business services that assist with sales strategy, finance, and recruitment, Inc & Co’s talent pool offers all the guidance a business needs to grow organically. With Inc & Co’s support, business leaders have more time to spend on team development and improving client or customer experience.

Selling Digital Businesses

Inc & Co recognises that each of their acquisitions is different. Upon purchasing a company, the holding company doesn’t apply a one-size-fits-all strategy to reform business structures and methodologies. Instead, the collective ensures that each business ethos and culture is preserved, retaining each company’s identity as closely as possible.

If you sell your digital business to Inc & Co, the group collective will also work with you to keep as many jobs as possible. Plus, you will have the opportunity to continue to work with your business after its sale.

Digital Business Start-Ups

Launching a new business within the Inc & Co group allows you the creative freedom of starting up, teamed with the security of invaluable resources, mentorship from digital-media specialists, and funding from Fresh Thinking Group. Inc & Co helps entrepreneurial minds to market their start-ups and achieve operational structure, progressive growth, and effective branding.

Funded by Fresh Thinking Group

Inc & Co is funded by Fresh Thinking Group, an independent capital investment organisation co-founded by Inc & Co’s Technical Director Dave Antrobus and renowned investor Scott Dylan. Fresh Thinking Group has led several companies through inclusive capabilities and funds many groups that each hold further subsidiaries.

As a specialist private equity and distressed M&A investor, Scott conceived Fresh Thinking Group’s vision and employs collaborative approaches to foster group collectives. Meanwhile, Dave’s software products and consultancy-driven role as a mentor for business teams are pivotal for the groups that Fresh Thinking Group fund.

‘Skylab is another great Inc & Co acquisition funded by Fresh Thinking Group. Becoming part of Inc & Co gives Skylab the additional resources to achieve their long-term vision of operating on a global scale and we are very excited to be working with them.,’ says Scott Dylan, Founder of Fresh Thinking Group.

Get in Touch

Inc & Co are continuously growing and looking for UK digital and creative companies to join their collaborative group, whether you manage a start-up, a company looking to sell, or a business in need of additional support and guidance. The group is particularly interested in digital organisations specialising in marketing, PR, SaaS, software development, and design.

For more information on Inc & Co, visit

Alternatively, email [email protected] to find out how Inc & Co could support your digital business.

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