Tesco apologise to mum who bit into sugar snap peas only to find “stowaway” chilli inside


TESCO have apologised to a mum who was left “in tears” after she bit into a sugar snap pea – only to realise the snack was a “stowaway” chilli.

Sherilyn Horton, 38, said her tongue “hasn’t had that much excitement since she was a teenager” after she bit into the fiery food last Wednesday [15 Jul].

The financial services worker, from Horley, Surrey says she was absentmindedly snacking on the beans while making dinner when she came across an “odd shaped” pea.

Apparently it wasn’t until she chomped down on the spicy chilli, that she realised the mix up.

The stowaway chili in the packet of sugarsnaps

Luckily, Sherilyn saw the funny side and took to social media to share her experience shortly after.

She posted a photo showing the half-bitten chilli compared to the packet of green sugar snap peas.

Sherilyn explained in the post: “I was innocently making some dinner and got out my ‘freshly clicked’ bag of sugar snap peas, as I munch while I cook, because raw veggies are delicious.

“I was distracted, but found an odd shaped one – now I like odd shaped fruit and veg (I don’t discriminate) and took a big bite.

Sherilyn Horton, 38,
Sherilyn Horton, 38, said her tongue “hasn’t had that much excitement since she was a teenager”

“I chewed a few times and found my mouth was on fire, so on a closer inspection I found a stowaway chilli.

“Well played Tesco, well played, what a great idea for keeping your faithful customers out of boredom during lockdown – my tongue hasn’t had that much excitement since I was a teenager.

“PS. Send milk? PPS. Whomever finds my missing sugar snap in your bag of chillies, I’m happy to trade back – but be warned there is a bite mark.”

A Facebook post outlining the incident
The post which outlined the hilarious ordeal

The post has had her friends in stitches.

Clare O’Connell wrote: “Hahaha Sheri you are hilarious!”

Amy Gillam added: “Sheri I am crying.”

And Sasha Sannard said: “I just laughed so hard! That was well written. So funny.”

Speaking today, Sherilyn said: “It definitely put a few tears in my eyes, I kind of coughed through it until I had a bit of milk to calm it all down.

“It was hot, not enough to make me ill, but hot,  especially when you’re not expecting it.

“I found it funny, I’m not upset in any way.”

A Tesco customer service adviser later contacted Sherilyn, saying they were “really sorry” and wished to “inform the supplier”.

Tesco also formally apologised to Sherilyn.

A Tesco spokeswoman said: “We were sorry to hear about this and have reached out to the customer to apologise directly.

“Our suppliers have thorough checks and procedures in place and accidents like these are a rare occurrence.”