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The Ultimate VSCO Guide For Installing And Editing Photos

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Editing photos come in handy if you want to post images that will look good on your feed, and people will appreciate it. Through editing, you can enhance the photo by emphasizing or improving the image by adjusting the contrast, brightness, color, grain effect, and a whole lot more. VSCO is a great editing application for aspiring photographers.

Having a feed that is neat, organized, uniformed, and follows a specific color scheme is very appealing to people, followers, or viewers of the images.

Through editing, you can add more spark or feeling to the photo. It will attract people and appreciate your photo by showing likes, hearts, sharing of the post, and adding comments. VSCO is fun and best for editing.

VSCO Photo editing
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A Quick Guide On How To Install The VSCO Application

If you are an iPhone user, its operating system runs on iOS. All you have to do is click on the App Store of your phone and type in VSCO on the search engine. Once you have redirected the results page, you can click on the install button of the VSCO application, and the downloading process will begin.

For users of Android smartphones, direct yourself to the Google Play store and input VSCO on the search bar. VSCO will show you a page wherein you can see the VSCO editing application. Tap on the “install” button, and it will download.

Once the downloading is complete on your devices, open the application, and sign up for an account. You can sign up and access the free features or sign up and subscribe to the premium account for more filters and ways to emphasize your photos.

Photo Editing Using VSCO

When beginning to edit your images, you can upload your photos in two ways. You can upload by choosing from your camera roll and gallery, or you can take pictures using the VSCO camera. If you want to capture sceneries or something using the app, click on the icon. On their camera, you can easily adjust the brightness or focus of the lens before capturing.

After uploading from your gallery or you have already taken a photo through its camera, you can edit it on the ways you want it to look. VSCO will allow you to take full control of your photo by permitting you to adjust a lot of light on your photos. VSCO has filters for people who do not have the time and energy to edit every detail.

There are a lot of presets that are free to download on the VSCO shop. If you subscribe to the premium account, you can access more amazing and stunning presets of VSCO. You can purchase them in the shop when they offer bundles that range from 99 cents $60 per preset or filter.

Manually adjusting the image can be so much fun, primarily when you base it on your preference of how the picture would look. VSCO comes in handy if you want to do the editing manually instead of using presets and filters. The VSCO allows you to control the highlights, saturation, exposure, brightness, color, cropping the photos, and more.

VSCO has an undoing button, making it nice to use since creating mistakes cannot be avoided. Redoing your changes can be possible, too, when you use the VSCO application. All of these changes will show up to the editing history where you can view and back read.

Saving Of Edited Photos And Your VSCO Library

If you liked your edited photos, you could save it to your VSCO gallery. The library of the VSCO is different from your device’s camera roll or gallery. You can still keep it to your device by exporting the photo from your VSCO library.


Editing photos adds more looks to a raw image. Suppose you are into photography and need to edit photos or a person who loves to post pictures on social media accounts. You can use VSCO as your primary editing tool because it guarantees you great photo results based on your preference.

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