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Top 5 money making investments you should consider in 2020


In this pandemic situation are you looking forward to the options for decent income opportunities?

Are you aware of the market trends and which investment decision made you return the solid profits in upcoming years?

Have you ever gone through the avenues like Precious metals, equities, and cryptocurrency?

There is nothing hidden that due to this pandemic situation market is facing a huge loss in every sector. Experts are continuously saying that you need to diversify your investing trends and your investment portfolio.

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However, the market is sinking and is not in the same position as before and investors are not confident about anything.  This is because even when investors who want to invest don’t know the exact place from where they get a return in this situation. In this article, we would like to address to those fields where you can earn good returns even in the time of this pandemic.

Top 5 Money making investments

  1. Cryptocurrency

If you are looking at the market trends you find that the whole market is going southwards but the one thing which is going northwards is the crypto market.  As it is observed that the investment in Bitcoins is the safest way to invest in pandemic and the governments are also approaching it for financial stability.

Experts reported that Bitcoin’s value is going to raise, and it is the best investment insurance in the year 2020. Which will be going to help you in the long future. This has become the best way to earn income from your assets. Start earning with bitcoin trading today through

  1. Precious Metal

Here we are not talking about common metals like silver, gold, or platinum. We are in 2020 and we have many more precious metals than these which are Indium, Iridium, Rhodium, and many more. These metals are going to have the most demand in upcoming years.

Every sector includes power, mining, automobile, electrical needs these metals and going to make the optimum use of it. You need to check the trends and then invest in these as they are going to give returns in the coming future.

  1. Real Estate

While the small investors took step back from investing in real estate, Big investors are ready to take the calculated risk. Because we all know the demand of the property during this pandemic Is decreased so this is the best time to invest in this market so that you can have the assets by the time the market will boom.

  1. Equities

There are not any conflicts regarding the equity market as it is slowed down. But if you are experienced investors then you must have known that if you are investing in equities then they only going to give you results in the long future.

From time to time equities nature has changed. Invest have a choice of investing as a seed partners this helped the investors as they are having a choice of holding the equity till the time thinks they are having a growing pattern and they are free to sell it anytime.

  1. Traditional savings

If you want to play it safe then you are having the safest option s of all time like PPF, FDs RDs they do not have the growth options with them but your money is secure till the time you want to.

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