YouTuber “receives death threats” after being pictured swinging from world famous John O’ Groats sign- Scottish News


A YOUTUBER claims he has “received death threats” after being pictured hanging from the world-famous John O’ Groats sign.

Ally Law, 23, from Southampton posed for a picture hanging off the New York arrow of the John O’ Groats sign while visiting the Scottish highlands last week.

Earlier this week, the John O’ Groats Development Trust revealed that the finger showing the Orkney and Shetland distances had been snapped off by vandals.

Although it is unknown who caused the damage, an image of Ally and other recent tourists were shared across social media showing them hanging from different parts of the sign.

Yesterday (WED) Ally took to Twitter to release a statement claiming he has received death threats over the damages sign – despite saying he was pictured days before the sign was actually broken.

Ally, who has 3.1 million followers on YouTube and is famous for his daredevil stunts, wrote: “I’ve came under fire on the internet over the last day. I’ve never really had this before.

“I’m getting death threats, tonnes of messages of hate, messages of my family’s social media pages with threats.

“And guess what it is over? I hung off a sign post at John O’ Groats for 5 seconds, 9 days ago to get a picture and someone has broken the sign post (not even the one I was hanging off.)

“I’d like to just take this time to apologise to absolutely nobody. You’re all a bunch of snowflakes.

“There’s kids dying in the world, there’s rapists and murderers out there.

“There’s people doing horrible things in the world and you’re sending death threats to somebody over a f***** sign, that any person without the brain of a five-year-old can see clearly wasn’t the one I was hanging off.

“Bunch of p****s.”

He signs of the post, writing “lots of love Ally x”.

An apology from Ally Law- Viral News
Ally Law’s “apology” divided opinion.

A picture shows Ally hanging off the New York sign, followed by an image of the John O’Groats sign at a different time which has the Orkney finger snapped off.

Twitter users were divided on Ally’s comments with @Smummy61 writing: “Showing disrespect to a landmark!

“Woman facepalming it doesn’t matter which sign you hung off of, or if you broke it.”

“You disrespected a landmark! At least own that part of the mistake! You showed no respect to locals who have spent their own money to previously repair it.”

Another Twitter user, @Configuraa defended Ally saying: “You hung off the sign saying “New York” and the New York one is still there on the photo on the left.”

“I think it’s just people looking to hate you for no reason.”

One user, @kieren2369 was glad to see Ally wasn’t apologising: “Read that thinking you were actually apologising and I got a little disappointed, good man.”

The John O’ Groats development trust has said: “John O’Groats has been delighted with the number of visitors that have been coming to enjoy the area in the last couple of weeks, but along with this comes some very challenging issues, where a very small minority don’t seem to be able to behave in a normal manner.

“Last night the public toilets had three hand gel dispensers broken and the bottles of gel stolen, then this morning sometime between 5am and 7.30am someone decided to swing on the Orkney finger-post of the famous John O’Groats Signpost and has managed to snap it off!


John O' Groats sign- Viral News
The sign at John O’ Groats that has been snapped off.

“If anyone should know the offenders in the photos maybe they could contact us and offer some payment towards a now costly fix of the sign, and also an apology to those who will miss out on their photo at the sign when it goes away for a couple of days to be fixed.”

Images showing various other tourists hanging from, sitting on and posing next to the sign were also shared on the post.