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Argos “urgently investigating” washing machine that “blew up” and left 18-month-old clutching shards of glass

Argos washing machine blows up
The damage left a hole in the washing machine’s door.

ARGOS are “urgently investigating” a washing machine that “blew up” and resulted in an 18-month-old child picking up shards of the shattered glass.

Claire Barnes from Haverhill, West Suffolk, was horrified when her toddler came in and presented her with the chunk of glass last Friday.

The mum had no idea her machine had malfunctioned until the youngster discovered the piece of glass which had “blown out ” from her 3-month-old Bush washing machine.

Argos have confirmed the £304 Bush WMNBX1016W 10 kg 1600 spin washing machine has since sold out, but has not been recalled.

Argos washing machine explodes
Claire didn’t realise what had happened until her 18-month-old son presented her with the chunks of glass

Claire shared shocking images showing the damage, which has left her with a three month wait for a repair.

The photos show the gaping hole in the washing machine’s door where the glass has popped out.

Another snap shows the two shards of glass Claire’s son was discovered clutching.

A concerned Claire took to Facebook to complain, saying: “Great. Three month old washing machine just decided to blow up when not in use and empty.

“Tried to contact Argos and passed from pillar to post.”

Claire Barnes
Claire was horrified when the youngster approached her with glass in hand.

Speaking today, Claire confirmed her son was unharmed, she said: “He is fine. Fortunately he didn’t cut himself.

“Seeing a child holding a massive piece of glass is rather worrying.

“Argos and Bush have not said what could have caused it. The guy on the phone seemed just as shocked as I was.

“I’m pretty disappointed I’ve been left five days without a machine. It makes it hard for a family of 6, left without a washing machine.

“Luckily I have friends and family to help lend me their washers.

“It honestly looks like someone got a suction cup, a glass knife and just cut it perfectly out.

“I was sitting in my living room with my children and I heard what I describe as a pop and clang sound sort of like a plate falling.

“I came out to inspect and didn’t know what it was so assumed it was just something in a cupboard.

Argos washing machine explode
The family have been left without a machine for at least 3 months while they await a repair.

“It wasn’t till an hour later when I was preparing dinner that my 18-month-old came up to me with a piece of glass that I realised what the sound was.

“No one was near the machine, it was empty and the door was closed.

” I have no idea how it happened. He just picked it out of the washing machine where the hole was in the glass.

“They’ve come out and said it’s a three month wait for a replacement door so I now have to try to get a replacement machine already waited a week without a machine. I’m pretty p***** off.”

A spokeswoman for Argos said: “The safety of our products is our highest priority and we are urgently investigating Claire’s experience.”

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