Shocking moment thief sneaks up and steals woman’s car as she cleans it at petrol station


JAW-dropping footage shows the moment a thief sneaks up and steals a woman’s car as she cleans it at a petrol station

The shocking incident took place yesterday at a garage in Birmingham and saw victim Lauren McCauley’ Volkswagen stolen by the crook.

CCTV footage shows Lauren using a petrol station hoover to tidy her car on the forecourt of the petrol station.

The 24-year-old is seen cleaning the back-left passenger seat of her Volkswagen as other customers move around the station.

Suddenly, a man in a black top stealthily approaches the car, putting himself to the ground on all fours and crawling towards it

The man then reaches the driver’s side and holds onto the door handle, looking over the edge of the window waiting for the perfect opportunity.

Birmingham car thief
The man crawled across the forecourt without the owner seeing.

The man continues to wait for a moment or two before opening the car door and jumping into the driver’s seat.

A startled Lauren jumps back from her door, the car jolts and Lauren walks away and throws her hands up in the air and drops them by her side.

Lauren then tries to make a dash for her car, but the thief has already taken off speeding away with the car boot fully opened.

A stressed Lauren can be seen with her hand on her head as she looks around dazed by what has just happened.

Birmingham car thief
The calculating thief pounced when Lauren was busy in the car.

The thief has also allegedly taken Lauren’s bank cards and other possessions including a phone that was left in her car.

Lauren’s sister Lorna McCauley, 27, from Birmingham, posted the footage to Facebook to appeal for information.

She said: “My sister’s car was stolen at this petrol station as u can see she’s cleaning her car out. Made my p*** boil.”

“Used her bank card at Sheldon Costcutter at about 12:22 this afternoon.

“Reg: AJ16 RYV My 24-year-old sister as she was cleaning her car. F***** fuming.

Car theft
Lauren was gobsmacked following the theft.

“Make this s*** too hot to handle. Also, names and address if someone knows him.”

The video has angered social media users.

Becka Wooley wrote: “Absolutely disgusting, how low can people get”

Anthony Linda Carpenter added: “What an absolute c***”

Lee Henderson commented “Poor f** lady, absolute f*** scum.”