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The Best Of YouTube Converters 2020


One platform that generates much traffic a lot is YouTube. It is understandable because there is always one video or the other you will need to watch. Your favorite program and series are always saved and uploaded on YouTube for viewers. Once the owners upload it, viewers can get to watch it. Even if you miss an episode of your favorite program or an episode of your favorite series, YouTube has got you covered. When you open your YouTube application or website, you can always search for it and get to watch it like it is happening live. What is even more interesting is that you can convert the video once you can locate it on YouTube and download the video to your device. What you need to achieve is just to get the URL link of the video, and that’s all. The YouTube converter will do the rest. In all sense, downloading the video to your smartphone or laptop seems the best option because you can watch it at any time that is best for you. You will even have the opportunity of returning to the video as long as it is successfully saved in your device.

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? Ontiva YouTube video downloader

Another reliable YouTube video converter for converting YouTube videos into all formats is
the Ontiva YouTube converter. It converts YouTube videos at fast speed. It is also very safe
to use because it is an anonymous video converter. You do not need to register any details
before you can use the Ontiva YouTube converter. The Ontiva YouTube video downloader
did not narrow the language used on the platform to the English language alone. There are
seven other languages that users are allowed to choose from. Some of the other languages
besides the English language are Italian, Spanish, and Indonesia. The Ontiva YouTube video
converter does not restrict videos to a certain number of files. Just as some of its peers, the Ontiva YouTube converter is free to use. If you want to convert your YouTube video using the Ontiva YouTube video converter, copy the link of the video you want to convert from YouTube. If you have an Ontiva YouTube converter on another tab, paste the copied link in the allocated tab. Select the right option from the variety of video formats available on the Ontiva YouTube video converter platform. The next step is to click on ‘Convert’ to start the process of conversion. Give it little time to convert your YouTube video. If the Ontiva YouTube converter finally converts your video, click the download button to start playing your downloaded video.

Now that we are aware that we can download YouTube videos to our smartphone or laptop, it is important to know the tools that can be used to achieve it. The tools, in this case, means the online platforms that give you access to convert your YouTube videos by just copying the URL link of the video from YouTube.


Y2MATE is one YouTube video converter that is recognizable all over the world. It set itself
apart from others with its user-friendliness. Using Y2MATE to convert your YouTube videos
is recommended because it secures your files against internet viruses and malware attacks. It can convert YouTube videos to all formats, including MP3, MP4, MV4, 3GP, FLV, MO, and
a whole lot of other file formats. It is compatible with almost all devices, platforms, and browsers. Converting on Y2MATE doesn’t come with pop-ups that put your computer at
risk. Also, you are not required to register and fill your details on the platform before you can convert your YouTube videos. There is also the option of choosing the language you are
comfortable with since there are many available languages. You can convert your YouTube
videos on Y2MATE without having to worry about file capacity and fee. All files are
converted free of charge. To convert your YouTube video using the Y2MATE platform, copy
the URL link of the video you want to copy on YouTube and paste it into the Y2MATE text
editor. Select the file format you want the Y2MATE to convert your video to. The last step is
to click on ‘Convert.’ Once you click on ‘Convert,’ allow the Y2MATE converter to convert
your video and then click on download to get it downloaded to your device.

? YTD video downloader

YTD video downloader is an easy platform to convert your YouTube video. It has a smooth
user interface that converts your YouTube video at a very high speed. One advantage it has
over its peers is that the features are regularly updated into the latest technology. However, it has other features that make it interesting to use. Some of its features include the ability to pause downloading and resume from the place it stopped whenever you want to resume. The interface of the YTD video downloader is free from advertisements. YTD has a free and paid version. The free version does not support more than one conversion at a time. But if you use the paid version, you are allowed to convert multiple videos at a time. If you want to convert your YouTube videos with the YTD video downloader, go to YouTube and copy the URL link of the video you want to copy. After you have copied the link on YouTube, come back to the YTD video downloader platform and paste the copied link in the Search box. Select the file format you want your video to be converted to. Click on ‘Convert’ and allow the YTD downloader to convert your YouTube video. Finally, click on download to completely download the video to your smartphone or laptop.


All the platforms we have listed here are the tools we were referring to in the introduction
phase of this article. All the platforms we have listed here have many positive reviews from
experts and YouTube users who make use of these platforms to convert their YouTube videos daily.