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Why New Zealand Is a Popular Study Destination?


If Australia and Canada are very popular in terms of Working Holiday Visa, the New Zealand WHV is not lacking in arguments: its climate is pleasant, its landscapes is breathtaking and the country is looking for manpower for fill its many vacancies in a wide variety of sectors. New Zealand thus offers a quality of life well above the world average! In short, a perfect study destination for applicants looking for high-quality education. Here we gives you 5 good reasons why study in New Zealand.

Education system

New Zealand’s education is of high quality and the country attracts around 100,000 international students each year. The 8 universities in New Zealand are public and ranked in the top 500 of the best universities in the world. They offer post-baccalaureate courses up to the doctorate.

The New Zealand education system is built on the Anglo-Saxon model and offers flexible learning. Students have a multitude of choices of schedules and structures, and can therefore decide how to learn. The importance is to provide choices for students to foster independence, creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. There is no standard course, each student has the opportunity to create their own specific course and professional profile by acquiring skills in the chosen professional field but also in other specialties.

Individual success is at least as important as collective success: no jealousy, the strongest help the weaker and success is measured by solidarity. You can study there in a large number of fields: environment, arts, architecture, economics and finance, law, medicine, science and engineering, computer science and communication, agriculture, etc. Teachers are very accessible, and New Zealand universities are keen to test new and innovative teaching methods.

The landscapes

New Zealand has the enviable reputation of being the jewel of the South Pacific, combining the originality of an exotic environment with the mixture of cultures without forgetting a pleasant way of life. With its breathtaking mountain scenery, immense rain forests, wild landscapes, crystal-clear rivers, glaciers within easy reach, emerald oceans, crystal-clear lakes with turquoise colors, endless pastures, New Zealand is really a nature lover’s paradise!

The reason behind why New Zealand is such a popular place to visit
The reason behind why New Zealand is such a popular place to visit. Picture of Auckland by Dan Freeman

Life quality

New Zealand offers, in addition to its incredible landscapes, an undeniable quality of life. Its not for nothing that Auckland is ranked among the world’s most liveable cities. New Zealanders have a relaxed pace of life and a very open mind, which makes New Zealand one of the most hospitable countries in the world. The daily exchanges you have with the population will remain your fondest memories. And no matter what the business and sporting climate in New Zealand, you will always receive a warm welcome during your visit, as locals love to share their beautiful country with foreign visitors and see it from a fresh perspective. The population is very cosmopolitan, creating a fascinating crossroads of cultures.

Economic outlook

A real gateway to the Asia Pacific zone, New Zealand benefits from the spillover effects in terms of economic growth and dynamism, with growth exceeding that of the Euro zone. The job market is dynamic and there is currently a shortage of between 40,000 and 50,000 skilled workers in Auckland alone! The unemployment rate is low and falling continuously.

In terms of the cost of living, in general, it is not as high in New Zealand as in Great Britain, Australia or the United States. It is always a little difficult to make a precise comparison because the statistics take into account different parameters, but we can estimate that the cost of living in New Zealand is lower than that of the French metropolis by about 30%.

Safe and secured

New Zealanders are generally honest and avoid conflict, in both personal and professional relationships. In terms of security, the Dun & Bradstreet credit reporting company ranks New Zealand as the 4th safest country in Asia-Pacific. It is also considered one of the safest countries in the world according to the 2014 Global Peace Index of the Institute for the Economy and Peace, which ranks it 4th in the world. Harmonious relations with its neighbors, stability of domestic politics, solid public security, low rate of homicides … it is a destination and a quiet place of residence.

In conclusion, you will find in New Zealand the pleasure of evolving in a pure, healthy and peaceful environment, the low cost of living, the professional opportunities, the easy access to all possible and imaginable sports and activities, the landscapes grandiose, the emotion of adventure and discovery of which New Zealand remains the symbol.

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