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Top Weekend Getaways within the UK


The UK is home to a variety of gorgeous and exciting places to visit, from your idyllic rural village to your bustling modern city. There’s something for everyone here – if you’re looking if you’re looking on moving to manchester and for the best getaways in the UK, read on to find out our top 3.

The Lake District

The Lake District is possibly one of the best places for someone to visit if they’re looking for a mix of everything, including cute, small villages, packed with small cobble streets and unique local goods; historic masterpieces, from crumbling castles to inspiring Roman forts; and breath-taking landscapes showcasing mountains, scenic trails, and of course, the lakes themselves.

There’s plenty for you to do here, no matter your passion. Those who love a good snack can visit Grasmere for their world-renowned gingerbread or Kendal for their infamous mint cake. Budding writers can visit Wordsworth’s house or The World of Beatrix Potter, and those who like to get wet can visit Windermere for a boat trip over the lake or Bassenthwaite to try out some water sports – just remember to bring a kayak with you!

Getting to the Lake District is also incredibly, as it is connected by rail to most major cities (such as Manchester), so you can make your journey with ease.

A viewpoint of Bigben and the Houses of Parliament
A viewpoint of Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. Photo by Eve Dang on unsplash


London is the ultimate place for tourists to visit in the UK, and for good reason. This city is bustling with people, high-end shops, and historical venues, meaning everyone can find something to enjoy. The pace in London is much quicker than anywhere else in the UK, meaning you’ll find yourself coming out of one thing and thrown right into the next.

London is possibly most famous for the Royal Family, a huge part of British history that is intriguing to many around the world. Visiting Buckingham Palace allows you to see the gold-encrusted gates, and you may even be able to book a tour and explore the inside of one of the most expensive buildings in the United Kingdom, wondering and imagining what it would be like to live like royalty here. If you visit St James’s Palace at 11:00 in the morning, you’ll find yourself witnessing the classic “Changing of the Guard”.

After indulging in some true British culture, you can spend your day visiting popular tourist attractions, such as the Tower of London, or the London Eye. Remember to grab some food from London’s top eateries, first!

North Wales

This one is a little bit further out but is well worth making the trip to experience all of the beauty North Wales has to offer. In 2017, it was named as one of Lonely Planet’s best regions in the world, and showcases some of the most incredible scenery and experiences the United Kingdom has to offer.

In Snowdonia, you’ll find the aptly named Mount Snowdon (the highest mountain in Wales), as well as all of the recent developments for thrill-seekers. Snowdonia now has many different resorts for outdoor excitement, including the world’s fastest zip line, Surf Snowdonia, and Bounce Below (underground trampolining).

Moving a bit further along the coast will take you through Bangor over to Anglesey, where you’ll find the peace and quiet of the United Kingdom at its best. Here, there are various castles and other historic monuments to get your dose of history (including ancient burial sites), a huge variety of wildlife and trails to witness them first hand, as well as another huge variety of outdoor activities. If you are visiting in the summer, we recommend a trip to any of the many beaches in North Wales to soak up the sun.

These are our top picks for getaways in the UK – there’s something for everyone, so what are you waiting for?