Shipyard industry given boost as repairs begin on public sector vessel

Glen Sannox in dock
MV Glen Sannox is one of two public sector vessels (Image: supplied)

THE SHIPYARD industry has been given a boost following the announcement that a public sector vessel has been moved to a dry dock to undergo repairs.

The vessel, one of two dual fuel boats being built by Ferguson Marine (Port Glasgow) Ltd, will be stationed at a dry dock in Greenock as it undergoes the remediation works.

MV Glen Sannox will be stationed at the dry dock for a full package of repairs including replacement of the bulbous bow, paint repair, removal of marine growth from the vessel hull, and other work.

Tim Hair, turnaround director at Ferguson Marins (Port Glasgow) Ltd, called the move was “a clear sign of recovery for the shipyard business”.

Glen Sannox

The company also say the dry dock period is a “major step” in their revised programme to complete the two public sector vessels.

The repairs and rework were identified during the review of the condition of the two dual fuel vessels, conducted after the shipyard went into administration in August 2019, and are included in the programme review board report published in December 2019.

Tim Hair explained: “This is a key milestone in the recovery programme for the dual fuel vessels.

“Some work has been carried out on MV Glen Sannox at the shipyard, but the dry dock period is important because it will bring the vessel up to a condition that will allow us to move forward in earnest with the vessel completion plan.

Glen Sannox

“It is also another clear sign of recovery for the shipyard business and comes only weeks after the launch of a steel barge for a customer in the offshore oil and marine sector.

“Obviously, the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown has impacted activity at the shipyard, but our workforce has been returning to outdoor working since the end of June and we are operating effectively with social distancing controls in place.”

MV Glen Sannox is scheduled to return to the Ferguson shipyard at the end of August.