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Neuer Capital Review – Is a Legit Recommended Cryptocurrency Investment Platform?


Are you thinking about investing your capital in a financial instrument? With constantly increasing inflation and worsening economic situations, there are a lot of people out there who are looking for ways to increase their income. A 9 to 5 job is no longer enough to pay the bills and have the kind of lifestyle you want. Plus, you also need to think about the future and this has prompted people to search for solutions to their financial problems. Even if you run a business, there is tough competition in the market and it is not easy to make the kind of profits you have dreamt about.

Does this mean there is nothing you can do? Well, there is one option that you can explore and you have probably heard the success stories associated with it; trading. Investing in financial instruments is how some of the richest people in the world were able to get where they are. There was a time when doing so was not that easy. In order to start trading, you have to go to the markets, spend a great deal of time hunting for a broker, negotiate with them and then get started. It was time consuming and complicated and not something that could be done as a way to supplement your income.

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However, things have changed significantly in the last couple of decades and this has mostly been due to the internet. We have seen a number of things change and traditional habits and activities have now been replaced by modern ones. The same applies to the trading world as online trading has become the norm nowadays. As the name indicates, you can now trade financial instruments online, which means there is no longer any need to physically visit the market when you are interested in investing in any financial instrument. Everything is at your fingertips these days and only a couple of clicks can get you access.

Nevertheless, there is one thing that has remained unchanged over the years; traders still need a broker in order to trade any financial instrument. Yes, a broker will provide you with access to the markets, the instruments, the trading platform and the tools that are all part of this process. Without them, you wouldn’t be able to do anything. Just open Google and search for a broker and you will be presented with hundreds of options. There are different kinds of brokers offering a multitude of trading instruments and varying trading conditions to help people invest.

You can explore these options, but you also need to be very cautious when doing so? With the growth of trading, there has also been an increase in the number of cybercrimes and security breaches. Numerous brokers have been hacked and traders have had to suffer heavy losses as a result. In addition, some of the brokerages themselves are shady and have turned out to be scams or in league with scammers. Therefore, you have to proceed carefully if you wish to make safe and profitable investments in the long run.

If you are looking for a broker that can facilitate traders from different backgrounds and levels of experience and offers its services globally, you can definitely give Neuer Capital a chance. It is a broker that you will come across several times when you search for a reliable broker, but people disregard it because it is relatively new in the market. However, just because it is new doesn’t mean that the broker is lacking in any way. As a matter of fact, if you take a closer look, you will come to see that it appears to be more well-rounded and dependable than some of the oldest brokers in the market.

Is Neuer Capital Scam or Legit?

If you want an answer to the question “Is Neuer capital scam or legit?” then the simple and short answer is that Neuer Capital is %100 legit, it is certainly not a scam!

Neuer Capital Review

Neuer Capital has kept up with the market trends and has incorporated all the latest tools, resources and features that are a must for a smooth trading experience. It is owned and operated by Expand Solutions Ltd, a company that has its headquarters in the Republic of Seychelles. It is registered and licensed to provide financial services, which automatically add a layer of trust because you don’t have to worry about it being shady. Moreover, the broker has focused on CFD (Contract for Difference) trading, which means that you are not purchasing the physical asset and only trading in contracts.

With CFD trading, you can enjoy the opportunity of leverage, which means you can make bigger trades than your capital allows. For instance, if you have $100, but a leverage of 1:10 is given, then you can open positions for as high as $1,000. Neuer Capital is offering leverage of about 1:100 to its clients, which means you will be able to make much bigger trades, allowing you to make higher profits. Some of the other ways that the broker is facilitating its customers are discussed below:

  • An easy-to-use and sophisticated platform

How does a broker let you trade in the markets? You have always been told that the trader connects you to the market, but how do they do that? Brokers have trading platforms for this purpose, which are special software primarily developed for this purpose. If you compare a couple of brokers, you will come to know that not every broker will offer you the same platform. Obviously, every broker is different so their trading platform also varies and there are several categories of these platforms as well.

You will be able to use Neuer Capital’s proprietary trading platform if you sign up with the broker. They have created it especially for the ease of their clients. As the broker is catering to several categories of traders i.e. from beginners to professionals, they have had to come up with a trading solution that suits everyone. Their web-based platform is capable of doing so quite well. Beginner traders like the fact that they don’t have to download the platform. Not only does it mean less hassle, but it also means that the platform doesn’t depend on the device’s performance to function properly.

Professional traders, on the other hand, will appreciate the fact that the browser-based platform has been equipped with some of the most sophisticated trading tools and features they could ever need. Just because it is simplistic in nature doesn’t mean that any compromises have been made in terms of quality. The platform has an innovative user-interface that is easy to navigate and yet has some of the most advanced charting capabilities. The trading indicators and signals are second to none and fast execution with one-click trading is just the cherry on top that every trader wants.

As mentioned above, one of the most prominent things about Neuer Capital is that it has kept up with the trends and so the broker has also added mobile trading solutions for their customers. You can download apps on your Android or iOS devices, as per your preference. Just because they are mobile trading platforms doesn’t mean they are lacking in any way. You will be able to use a ton of features, including both fundamental and technical analysis tools. The best thing about these mobile solutions is that they can be used on the go, no matter where you might be at any point.

This gives you the freedom to make trades when you want and even take advantage of small changes in the market right away.

  • No contracts needed for signing up

One of the biggest turnoff for traders when it comes to dealing with brokers is the drawn out registration process. You will find a ton of brokers that have an endless number of forms for their clients to fill and ask for various documents from them. They have contracts that need to be signed and more of the same paperwork, which can get frustrating really fast because it doesn’t seem very connected to trading. Does Neuer Capital follow the same route? No, they definitely don’t. This broker has kept their registration process fairly simple for their clients as their goal is to facilitate traders from different backgrounds and they have stayed true to this practice in terms of registration.

To start the registration process, you should visit Neuer Capital’s website and click on the Register option. Doing so will open an online form that you have to complete, but the details are fairly simple and very basic. You are asked to share your first and last name, your phone number and email address and then choose a password. They will also present you three options to select your account currency, which are GBP, USD and EUR, respectively. It is best to check out the broker’s Terms and Conditions because you will be required to agree to them before you are registered.

The process comes to an end here for now. There is some documentation required, but this can be done later when you want to make your deposits and withdrawals. For now, you will be registered with Neuer Capital and can move onto the next stage i.e. selecting an account option.

  • Accommodating account options

Every trader has to open an account with a broker because it will keep their entire record and funds. Brokers are known to offer several account options because no two traders are alike. Some traders are completely new to the world of trading, while others do have some experience. There are also expert traders and their needs and requirements will be different. Not all of them will use the same resources and tools and so custom account options are developed for each class. Most brokers add three options in terms of accounts, one for newbies and one for intermediate traders and the last one for the experts.

In this regard, Neuer Capital has distinguished itself because they have a total of six account options. This variety means that they are able to accommodate traders in a much better way rather than restricting them to a single option for their category. When you decide to open an account with this broker, some of the options you will be able to explore are;

Basic Account: Starting with the first option, Neuer Capital has created this one for traders with zero experience in the market. The minimum deposit requirement they have set here is €1,000. The features of this account are basic like its name because these traders are just getting acquainted with the market. Thus, they are given an education center from where they can increase their knowledge, 24/6 customer support for assistance, professional webinars for further guidance and daily market review for making better decisions.

Bronze Account: Traders with some experience and knowledge are given this account choice by Neuer Capital and it comes with a minimum deposit limit of €10,000. Basic account features are accessible here, as are additional ones like an account manager for a month and price alerts.

Silver Account: Neuer Capital’s third account option is for traders who are now familiar with the trading market and polished their skills to a certain extent. Therefore, they have to fulfill minimum deposit requirements of €25,000 to open this account. They can use the services of the account manager for three months because they have a bigger trading volume. Plus, they are also given PIA trading signals five times a day because they will know how to use them properly.

Gold Account: For intermediate traders, Neuer Capital has come up with this account and a deposit of €50,000 is needed to open it and get started. Since the traders have some skills, they will need an account manager for much longer and the duration is extended to six months. PIA trading signals are also provided 10 times a day.

Platinum Account: Skilled traders who want to sign up with Neuer Capital will find this account option a good fit. They can open it by depositing €250,000. Doing so will give them access to unlimited PIA trading signals, which can be immensely useful for them. Moreover, they can use the services of the account manager for about 12 months. A personalized trading strategy is also made available to help traders in making profitable decisions.

Black Account: Meant for professional traders, this account can only be opened by traders who meet certain requirements regarding their trading volume. You can get information about the requirements from your account manager. Neuer Capital introduced this account option to allow VIP traders to enjoy all possible benefits of their trading platform. The account manager can be used throughout your trading journey and all features of other accounts are accessible. Along with them, traders can access the services of a 1-on-1 trainer and take advantage of their expertise. They are also granted exclusive position access.

You can explore these six account options and then choose an account that seems to be in accordance with your risk tolerance and trading style.

  • Hassle-free payment options for depositing and withdrawals

As stated above, when you are opening an account with a broker, you have to meet some minimum deposit requirements. How will you deposit this money? You will check what payment options the broker is supporting and choose one as per your convenience. Similarly, when you are trading, you will make profits and even though you may not do so right away, you would want to withdraw the profits later on. Again, payment options have to be considered here. The choices given to you will vary from broker to broker, so it is best to take a look at the options.

To make the process straightforward and hassle-free, Neuer Capital has added a horde of payment options for their clients. They have tried to accommodate traditional traders, as well as those who prefer modern and digital solutions. Let’s take a look at the options:

Bank Wire Transfer: One of the traditional choices, bank wire transfers allows traders to use their bank account for adding money to the trader’s platform and withdrawing it later on. This is one of the most secure methods that can be used, but you have to make compromises on speed. In addition, banks may also charge you for this service, so you should consider the pros and cons.

Debit and Credit Cards: A relatively modern solution is the use of debit and credit cards. These are fast and simple to use and Neuer Capital has allowed its clients to use different kinds of cards. You can go with Visa and Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, Delta and Diners, amongst others.

Online Payment Solutions: As technology has advanced, it has now become possible for people to use online payment solutions for depositing funds and making withdrawals. Some of these that can be used on Neuer Capital are Neteller, Skrill and even SoFort.

You can use any of these options for depositing your money with the broker and withdrawing it later on. When it comes to withdrawals, no matter what method you choose, they are reflected in your account instantly. Withdrawals, in contrast, may take a little longer. Neuer Capital has stated that it will take between 7 and 14 working days for a withdrawal request to be approved. It should also be noted that your account needs to be fully verified for the request to go through. For more details about verification, you need to check the broker’s security measures.

  • Secure and transparent trading environment

As stated in the beginning, security issues are rampant on the internet and in the trading world. Consequently, traders prioritize a secure and transparent broker because they know their information will be safe, as will their capital. The question is whether Neuer Capital lives up to your expectations regarding security or not. You certainly don’t have to worry because this broker has not taken your safety lightly in any way. As aforementioned, they verify their traders’ accounts before letting them make any transactions. This is in accordance with international standards i.e. the KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) policies.

These policies require traders to share some identification documents because the aim is to prevent any criminals from creating accounts with the broker to use them for any illegal activities like money laundering. Proof of identity is sought first, which can be provided by submitting any form of government-authorized ID like driver’s license, passport or an ID card. Proof of address is also asked for and this is usually given by providing a copy of a utility bill or a bank statement that displays full name and address.

Traders are also asked to give proof of payment if they plan on using their debit or credit cards for signing up. In this case, they need a photo of the front and back of the card to be submitted, with the last four digits of the card and the CVC number hidden. Since these sensitive documents are submitted by traders, Neuer Capital uses the highest grade of SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption technology for protecting it. The aim is to prevent any cybercriminal from accessing and then using this information for any malicious purpose.

For the security of your funds, Neuer Capital maintains segregated accounts, which means traders’ accounts are kept separate from the brokers. This ensures that the funds are not interfered with in any way and are only used for trading activities. Moreover, the broker uses the best banks for keeping these funds safe and secure.

Final Thoughts

The offerings at Neuer Capital do not end here; the broker has a complete education center for helping its clients in improving their trading knowledge and skills. It has incorporated advanced tools to assist them in the process. The spreads and fees are also quite competitive, helping traders make the most of their activities. There is also a Bring in a Friend program in place that allows people to earn money by referring their friends to Neuer Capital. The customer support provided by the broker is also worth noting, making it a great platform for achieving your investment goals and needs.