Jobs boost at Stirling tech company following acquisition

Miigen team
Miigen team – Edward Sullivan, Senior Application Developer and Craig Lemmon, CEO and Fraser Mathieson CIO (Chief Information Officer)

A SOCIAL platform designed for older adults has announced more jobs as it makes plans for global expansion following its latest acquisition.

Secure social platform Miigen is launching an “innovative” digital inheritance package, known as Mii-VAULT, designed to ease the handling of a person’s estate.

The deal, which went through in June, is the latest initiative by the Stirling-based technology challenger and will double the number of jobs at Miigen.

Mii-VAULT was developed by a group of Dubai-based entrepreneurs to address the issues raised by the complexities of modern life and the need to document and keep track of careers which may involve multiple properties and assets in a variety of jurisdictions.

Older couple - Miigen
The scheme is designed to keep up with the complexities of modern living. (Image supplied

Miigen CEO Craig J Lemmon said: “Mii-VAULT is a particularly good fit for us,

“It is a valuable addition to the group portfolio which means that we can not only help preserve the unique memories of our older generations, we can also help them to protect their assets for succeeding family members.”

Mr Lemmon said that as part of the deal, Mii-VAULT co-creator Malcolm Flawith would become Chief Operating Officer of Miigen UK.

Mr Flawith said: “The platform provides the tools to manage and avoid potentially intractable problems as well as creating a secure environment for crucial documents and navigating digital footprints built up over many years.”

Mr Lemmon added: “Many people lead very complicated business and personal lives, living in different countries, perhaps with more than one marriage, and with a number of different jobs, properties, assets, insurances and pensions.

Computer with Miigen logo
The Mii-Vault package was announced as a result of the acquisition.

“The current pandemic has exposed the inter-generational gap in our society.

“Mii-VAULT allows affairs to be closely documented and easily retrieved on Miigen’s own secure servers.

“These have 256-bit encryption, which is a higher standard than most online ecommerce offerings and certainly on a par with Apple or Google.

“But Mii-VAULT is not just for asset-rich individuals. Anyone who wants to ensure their estate is in good order can use it to make sure that all the details needed by an executor can be passed on in an efficient and painless manner.

“We cannot predict the future, but we can prepare for it. Mii-VAULT brings peace of mind for anyone who is looking to reduce the stress on their family in the event of unforeseen circumstances.”