Greedy cat busted for scrounging at Toby Carvery after staff send it home with incriminating note on collar

Note left by staff
Staff tucked the tell-tale note inside Tula’s collar

A GREEDY cat has been busted for spending her days scrounging for food at a restaurant after returning home with a note attached from the local Toby Carvery.

Siberian feline Tula was outed for her mooching on Sunday, when she returned home to owner Nicole Clark with a handwritten message attached to her collar.

Staff at the local Toby Carvery in Abbey Meads, Swindon attached the note asking “Does this cat have a home?” after assuming she may be homeless.

On the other side of the piece of paper, they added: “Always at Toby Carvery”.

Cat looking at camera
Tula was busted by owner Nicole Clark

After reading the message, Nicole headed down to the restaurant and found out eleven-year-old Tula had been hanging around the branch every day for lunch and dinner.

Staff revealed how Tula spent hours each day prowling around staff and customers and meowing so they would feel sorry for her and share their food.

Teacher Nicole shared a hilarious photograph of Tula looking busted in the background while she read the revealing note.

Speaking today Nicole, 41, said: “When she came home with the note I couldn’t stop laughing. I just kind of spotted it across the room.

Nicole with Tula
Nicole says Tula has been frequenting the restaurant since they reopened during lockdown.

“Yesterday I decided to go to the Toby Carvery and she was just sat outside there.

“The staff said ‘oh you’re the owner” and called other members of staff across who all knew about her.

“They said the other night she hadn’t gone home so they had tried to lure her own with prawns to pick her up but she wouldn’t let them.

“She’s apparently been going there since it reopened after lockdown.

Tula with the rest of Nicole's cats
Left to right – Blue, Maui, Tedy and Tula

“The restaurant is probably about two streets away. It’s near a main road so I think she must go through all the gardens to get there each day.

“She usually spends most of the morning at home and then goes off just before lunchtime and doesn’t come back until after dinner so she must be hanging around for a couple of meals.

“She will come home though and then eat all her food at home too.

“She’s quite canny, she doesn’t let people pick her up but she will go around them meowing and will sit there just looking up at them. She’s a really pretty looking cat, she knows what she’s doing.”

Nicole revealed that this isn’t the first time Tula has been caught out for her scrounging ways.

Tula Toby Carvery Cat
Despite her scrounging, Tula always enjoys a full meal at home.

She added: “She’s got a bit of history for this though. She used to frequent a local old people’s home and the ladies there would give her meat paste sandwiches.”

Yesterday, Nicole posted about Tula’s shenanigans on the local Abbey Mead Facebook page so locals were aware of what she was up to.

She wrote: “Our beautiful cat has just come home with this paper collar on – I can imagine she’s been trying for the sympathy vote in the hope of getting some meat!

“She has a lovely home and spends every night with us but thank you Toby customers / workers for looking out for her #scrounger #allaboutthemeat.”

The post attracted hundreds of likes from humoured locals.

Rachel Spearing wrote: “Omg that’s hilarious.

“I’ve got visions of her lining up ready for her Yorkshire and choice of meat.”

Rebecca Rocker said: “What a genius hanging at the Toby, great scrap opportunities!”

And Alison May wrote: “I love her ‘it wasn’t me’ look. Typical cat lol.”