Hilarious video shows greedy seagull get head stuck in bag of crisps


HILARIOUS video shows a seagull strutting around with a crisp packet on its head after it tried to eat the contents but instead got stuck.

The comical scene was filmed yesterday after the bird attempted to pick up the packet, but ended up trapping himself inside.

The gull was filmed as it wandered around outside Woodend Hospital in Aberdeen to the amusement of onlookers.

As the video begins, the dopey bird is seen strutting around with packet of cheese and onion crisps on its head.

Around it several other gulls mop up the crisps which had been emptied when the bird upended the packet.

The seagull can be seen walking off the pavement with its head jerking around in the bag, before walking back onto the pavement and wanders off still unable to see.

The other birds pay no attention as the bird continues to struggle, bobbing its head comically.

Seagull with crisp packet on head
The greedy seagull got his comeuppance

The hilarious clip was posted to Twitter by Neil Gordon, 58, shortly after.

Speaking today, sales manager Neil said: “Yesterday in Aberdeen, it came across a half-eaten bag of Walkers Cheese & Onion crisps and just basically shoved its head in the bag, getting stuck.”

“The crisps fell out and as I say the other gulls got a feed, the gull eventually got his head out safely.”

“The best and funniest part was the seagull emptied the crisps on the pavement and never got any, his fellow gulls scoffed the lot while he went walk about.”

Seagull with crisps on head
The birds enjoyed the fruits of the dozy bird’s labour while it remained trapped

The video has amused social media users.

@CaroleInnes0 wrote: “Hope that’s not chicken flavoured.”

@PrZoeO added: “I’ll get accused of animal cruelty, but that made me laugh out loud.”

And @Michaelogg1704 commented: “Seagull mask for corona.”

It’s not the first-time seagulls have made headlines for their love of crisps.

Last month, a seagull was filmed “shoplifting” a packet of BBQ crisps from Moore’s Newsagents in Devon.

The bird was seen stealing the snack before making a hasty exit through the shop’s door.