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How to Date a Vegan Girl: What Is There to Know?

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If you don’t use a specific dating site, then you may not find out anything about a girl’s eating preferences right away. It’s a too personal thing to share with a stranger you met 10 minutes ago. So, chances are high that first, you fall in love with a great personality of your new acquaintance and only then get to know her better. Most often we don’t care about someone’s eating preferences because the fact that you like tomatoes and she like cucumbers doesn’t make you a bad match if your life values coincide. However, everything is different when you meet a girl who has given up animal products due to some moral grounds, ethical standards, or health problems. Yep, the latter one is also very common. You?meet new girls online?every day, and there is no guarantee that one charming lady you have a crush on is not a vegan. So, what you should know if you end up being in love with such a woman? 

  1. Theyadoreto eat 

Their eating preferences don’t mean that they have a bad appetite, and one leaf salad is enough for her. They don’t eat anything of animal origin, that’s all. So, you can be surprised by the size of their portions. Nowadays there are a lot of different options for those who have given up animal products. Almost every restaurant can offer something for both groups, so you will hardly face challenges in this regard or stay hungry. Well, maybe your girlfriend will eat your salad too, who knows. 

  1. Beready for your date 

Even though most places offer interesting options for whose you love and hate meat, you should check the online menu of a restaurant where you are going to inquire your girlfriend. This attitude will make a positive impression and help you win her over, and it’s very important when you just start your love affair. Your extra efforts will be highly appreciated. 

How to survive dating a vegans
One of the many things that vegans can eat fruit. Photo by Rayia Soderberg on Unsplash
  1. You can talk about everything you have an interest in 

If you have a positive or at least neutral attitude toward people who have given up products of animal origin, and you have an interest in this topic, then you can safely inquire about everything you wish. Usually, such girls like to discuss their eating habits and “religion.” So, you will get to know her better as well as understand her firm position in this regard. It’s great when a guy is curious about things, he is not good at. However, don’t forget that, first and foremost, you are talking with a girl, so all other fascinating and suitable topics will do as well. There is no need to dwell on the topic of food or moral grounds. 

  1. Don’t behave like a weirdo

The best position is to accept and respect someone’s point of view. So, don’t behave like a weirdo, eating a classic burger in front of a girl and making sounds like, “Oh, mmmmmmm, how delicious it is. By the way, don’t you miss it? Maybe you want to try a piece?” Why do you do that? If you cannot accept the girl’s life position, maybe it’s better to look for other girls? She doesn’t have any problems with your eating preferences, but there is no need to make a show out of it. 

  1. Don’tinquireabout protein 

As we have already mentioned, you can inquire about any trifle you wish, but it’s still better to study this question first to not look like an ignoramus on a date. And the discussion about her source of protein is on the top of the list of inappropriate and annoying issues. You are provided with a great helper that can provide you with all the necessary info – just google what you want to find out. 

  1. You will get a calm partner

If her eating preferences have moral grounds, then it’s clear that your partner doesn’t like anything connecting with pain, suffering, and humiliation. So, chances are high that your girlfriend will not try to fight with you without a reason. Your union will be rather about delicious food (sure thing these girls are great cookers who know how to combine products and seasonings to get a masterpiece) than about endless sorting things out. It sounds not bad, doesn’t it? 

  1. You don’t have to share her worldview

The fact you have different preferences doesn’t mean that one of you should take a partner’s side. You are two grownups, and it’s up to you to decide how you should live this life. Chances are very high that most friends and relatives of the girl will choose a good steak instead of a salad, and she is okay with it. So, don’t make a big deal out of it. Dating a girl who has special eating habits doesn’t differ much from dating a girl who shares your tastes. If you are good together, then you will meet any challenge. 

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