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UncategorizedThe common misconceptions people have about growing Instagram accounts

The common misconceptions people have about growing Instagram accounts

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The goal of this article is to take out some of the mystery of growing an Instagram account. After your account is grown is when the real magic happens because you can profit from it.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to put the information in this article to good use to grow your account and turn it into a cash cow. There is no good reason why anyone reading this can’t build up successful Instagram accounts that make them money.

Posting more won’t help you get followers faster

If you’re new to Instagram, you want your account to grow as fast as possible. It makes sense that you want to have your content in front of as many people as possible so you can quickly make money. The problem with this logic is, you’re at the mercy of Instagram’s algorithm, and you’ll make it think that you’re spamming.

More posts won’t get you a sudden surge of followers, and it will hurt your account in the long run. You should post no more than three times per day if you want your account to grow. If your account is new, consider posting once a day for a week or two. You want to make sure that Instagram doesn’t see you as a spammer.

Buying Instagram followers
A strong social media presence can help businesses (Image: Geralt on Pixabay)

Many people don’t see the importance of buying Instagram likes

Have you ever wondered why your content is sitting there like a stone at the bottom of a pond? It’s because your posts don’t have enough likes to get noticed by Instagram’s algorithm.

The way you change that is by buying likes from sites like Goread.io. Throw a couple of likes on your posts, and you’ll begin to see the organic traffic start to trickle in. Your posts won’t gain any traction if they don’t have any likes. The way to jumpstart the process is by buying likes and make sure that Instagram sees the activity on your posts and rewards them with more traffic.

Regular posting is a must

We’ve already discussed how important it is not to post too often, but posting too little is a problem as well. Some people think they can post a few times per month, and their accounts will take off like a rocket.

You need to post content every day of the week. Posting only takes less than five minutes, and you can do it while you’re doing other things. If you have a little time every week, you can post an entire week’s worth of content in a handful of minutes. Use a service to schedule your posts, and you’re taken care of for a whole week. It really is that easy, and you won’t have to worry about posting because your posts will be in your queue waiting to be posted.

Consistency is vital, and there’s no way to replace it

Your Instagram success or failure will deeply rely on consistency. If you post daily, buy likes, your account will grow. You’ll know when your account is profitable because people will contact you seeking to buy shoutouts. That is when you’ll know that your account is now a money-making machine, and you’re ready to profit from it. Growing your account takes time and patience, but after you learn how to do it once, you can follow the same recipe and grow more accounts.

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