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Whey Protein Guide: 4 Benefits of Whey Protein Isolate That You Should Know

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Whey protein is undoubtedly a highly researched and tested protein supplement in the world. This mandatory inclusion in the supplement stack of bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts is proven to deliver great results when it comes to muscle building. It not only helps you grow tenacious muscles but also helps with weight loss. Whey protein, when supplemented regularly with a balanced diet and rigorous training schedule, helps in enhancing the physique. Whey protein powder is a great way to supplement yourself with quality whey protein without any hassles. It is widely used by individuals from the bodybuilding and fitness community.

There are 3 types of whey protein supplements:

  • Whey protein concentrate: It is nearly 80% protein with the remaining content in the form of lactose, fats, and other nutrients. It’s the most budget-friendly whey protein variant.

  • Whey protein isolate: Processed more, this variant of whey protein is 90% protein or even more. It’s expensive and ideal for those looking to cut down as it has very low lactose content.

  • Whey hydrolysate: The most expensive variant of whey protein is a pre-digested form of whey which makes it highly absorbable.

Out of these 3, concentrate and isolate are the popular ones. Many brands sell a blend of these two whey proteins. However, you can also find WPC & WPI individually. This article aims at explaining the advantages of whey protein isolate.

What is WPI?

WPI or whey protein isolate is obtained after removing most of the fats and carbohydrates from whey. WPIs are rich in protein content and can contain even more than 90% protein. They go through an intense processing phase than WPC.

Bodybuilders, athletes, or fitness buffs who want to maintain an aesthetic physique or are conscious about their macros intake can happily choose WPI as it gives them high protein with each serving with very low fats and carbs. WPIs have a strong commercial value and are available in both flavored and unflavored variant.

The unflavored variant gives it the flexibility to be used in various recipes such as cakes, pancakes, fruit smoothies, shakes, etc., while the flavored WPIs are delicious to consume when whipped in a protein shake.

The benefits of using protein powders on your health
The benefits of using protein powders on your health. Photo by Lyfe Fuel on Unsplash

4 benefits of whey protein isolate

  1. Helps with muscle building

Muscle tissues are made up of fibers and these fibers have chains of amino acid molecules. All-in-all there are 20 amino acids that aid the protein-building process in your body. These amino acids are broadly classified into two categories- essential and non-essential. The essential amino acids are 9 in total and non-essential amino acids are 11. Your body cannot produce the essential ones and thus you need to get them through diet and supplements. WPIs contain all 9 essential amino acids and this makes it a complete protein. This is why WPI is great for building sturdy muscles and maintaining muscle mass. It helps in promoting muscle protein synthesis and this helps in building muscle mass. Since the protein content is high in WPIs, they are also rich in BCAAs. This enables WPI to build muscle tissue and restrict catabolic activity during rigorous resistance training sessions.

  1. Gets absorbed faster

If you want to put on muscle mass, you should consume premium quality protein. Whey Isolate is pure protein. Your body needs to use the protein optimally for you to get stalwart muscles. For this to happen, the protein must be absorbed and transported to the blood by your small intestine for being circulated further to different tissues in your body. WPI is a fast-absorbing protein and thus helps in muscle building. Your body needs a rapidly digesting protein before and after workouts, and whey protein powder meets this need.

  1. Ideal for weight loss

People who are looking to cut down can easily feed on whey isolate. Whey protein powder, in totality, is a complete protein source that doesn’t fuel you with anything harmful, but, WPC contains lactose, fats, and carbs which might be a concern for people looking to cut down their calorie intake. WPIs are high in protein content and help you build lean muscles. Since their lactose content is low along with a low-carb and fat profile, it is a perfect choice for fitness fanatics who are looking forward to weight loss and limiting their calorie intake.

  1. Good for people with lactose intolerance

There are many people who cannot digest lactose well. For such people, Whey protein isolate is a great choice. It has less than 1% lactose and thus people who are sensitive towards lactose can happily consume this whey protein powder.

The results from whey protein depend on the brand you choose. There are some pretty good brands in the market that sell top whey protein powders. Here are 3 best whey protein powder from top brands:

  1. MuscleBlaze Biozyme Whey Protein Isolate: This whey protein powder by Muscleblaze is customized for Indians and is enriched with Enhanced Absorption Formula to let you experience 50% more protein absorption and 60% higher BCAA absorption. Each serving of this product fuels you with 25g protein. This product is also labdoor certified for purity and accuracy.

  1. Myprotein Impact Whey Isolate: This whey protein isolate supplement offers 22g protein per serving. It is a low-sugar and low-carb protein powder that helps you build great muscles. It also has a low-fat content.

  1. Ultimate Nutrition ISO sensation 93: This product comes in a variety of scrumptious flavors and offers 93% protein per serving (30g per scoop). It helps in preventing muscle breakdown and delivers rapid results.

Choose your WPI supplement wisely and combine it with a regular intense workout routine and nutrient-rich diet to get maximum results.

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