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IO Scout Amazon FBA Tools

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With the view that sellers will be faced with a myriad of options whenever they search for Amazon FBA selling tools on their different choice of a search engine, the more essential they need to be familiar with the best research tools to facilitate the process. 

It is no longer news that the number of sellers joining Amazon makes it a very competitive space. As such, sellers should strive enough to maneuver the several hacks that may waylay them from being the outstanding sellers. 

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One of the software tools to use depends on the type of product you choose to sell is IO Scout. It offers multiple integrated functions that can assist Amazon sellers in making the best decision on their products. Visit to read more information about their tools.

Through this review, sellers will be exposed to IO Scout and all the fantastic features it can offer to FBA sellers. 

Description of IO Scout

It is a powerful tool that has been automated to assist startups, new sellers, private labels, existing sellers, and drop shippers on the Amazon website. The software tool usually contributes to the search for considerable data accuracy, and sellers can quickly maximize their profits and potential through it. 

Sellers with regular issues on determining the volume of the sold products can consider IO Scout. The database is strong enough to configure the search of over two hundred million products, thereby ensuring sellers of accurate data and information needed to analyze market trends and gaps. 

IO Scout is efficient and straightforward in determining the category of products with the highest demand for the lowest competition. 

IO Scout Packages 

IO Scout packages are available for sellers, startups, and businesses. The plan attracts the prices of $24, $49, and $69 monthly, respectively. Through any of the packages, sellers can access different tools that will boost their productivity on Amazon Marketplace. Usually, sellers who purchase IO Scout for a month will enjoy a 25% discount while the annual plan is a 60% discount off for the subscription. 

However, before a seller can finalize their decision on the IO Scout subscription, they are entitled to a free trial. Such an effort is to provide a safe and risk-free way for sellers to try out the available features before eventual payment. 

Through the startup package, users will get up to 25 keywords in the Keyword trackers. The seller package is increased to 45, respectively, and the package also covers a Chrome extension to enable users to access IO Scout on product pages. The business package allows access to 85 keywords and products, respectively, in the product and keyword trackers. 

IO Scout Tools

This amazon powerful software tool offers a variety of tools to sellers to put them ahead of competitors in a similar category. Such devices include Keyword tracker, product tracker, IO Scout FBA calculator, chrome extension, etc. 

  1. Keyword Scout

Keyword Scout offers a better alternative to product searches on the Amazon website. Sellers can easily search for any products to sell. This feature provides information on the number of times a product was searched for in a month. It also gives an accurate and relevant database to sellers. The product keyword is stored up in the IO Scout software. This feature also allows sellers to monitor trends and focus on product category with the highest demand. 

  1. Sales Estimator

IO Scout provides a sales estimator tool that can help sellers estimate the number of sales realized a month based on the product rank in a specific category. The sales estimator tool allows users to determine the best ranking that is required to achieve sales projection through the BSR estimator tab. By this provision, sellers can quickly reach the targeted goals of their business. 

There is a prediction on the volume of sales that can be made in a day. It also offers free estimator service required in launching a product with an application. Sellers, through this tool, will understand the category that can benefit their product. As a competitive space, the sales estimator tool allows sellers to spy on competitors by tracking their activities automatically. 

  1. Chrome Extension

This feature is impressive as it makes your work easier and faster. The chrome extension allows sellers to secure product information and other actions within the product page in a seller’s browser. 

  1. Inventory Management 

An efficient inventory management tool is imperative to all sellers. Because sellers can easily monitor the stock levels and know the best time to reorder, it is a way of ensuring that a seller never goes out on stocks. 

  1. Sales Analytics

This tool is designed to give sellers a timely assessment of their sales performance. Sellers will need this feature when making crucial business decisions. 

  1. Listing Builder

Product listing is an essential part of sales, especially for sellers who are into private label products or wholesales.

  1. Product Finder

In a competitive marketplace like amazon, selling the right product will always attract more sales, leading to a successful business. The process of finding the right product is using the right tool. Sellers can rely on the product finder with a vast database and several filters. 

  1. Product Tracker

With the Product Tracker, sellers can conveniently keep tabs and bookmarked selected products and get them stored in different folders for easy access. The necessary information about the product is on the bookmark, which is updated annually for any changes.  


IO Scout is a fantastic amazon software tool that offers the necessary tools needed by a seller to have an edge in the Amazon marketplace.

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