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Boosting Your Confidence at Work


Everyone struggles with confidence from time to time, and if you’re starting a new job or are feeling a little overwhelmed at work, these can be situations where you might feel that way. It’s important to feel comfortable at work, and having faith in your abilities and potential is a big part of that. If you have been struggling with your self-esteem and confidence when it comes to work recently, here are some tips to help you overcome the issue.

Know Your Rights

There are many situations at work that might make you feel as though you’re out of your depth, and dealing with a dispute could be one of them. Every worker should know their rights, as this will help you navigate these circumstances with more confidence. For example, if you have been injured at work and would like to take action, check this injury at work rights guide and other useful resources to understand the best route to take. It’s also worth refreshing your memory regarding your contract from time to time – you should have received a copy of it for your records when you began your employment. Keep this in a safe place and refer to it if you’re concerned with an issue regarding your employment agreement.

Ask for Feedback

Don’t be shy to ask for help or feedback, especially if you’re feeling overwhelmed with a work task or sense that you could improve on certain aspects of your job. It looks better to ask for feedback as this shows your employer and manager that you’re willing to learn and progress in your career. This kind of initiative and the ability to self-assess is very desirable in employees and will earn you a lot of respect.

The benefits it socialising with colleagues at work
The benefits it socialising with colleagues Photo by Hunters Race on Unsplash

Socialize With Your Colleagues

A lot of people like to keep work and their social life separate, and while there can be benefits to that, distancing yourself too much from your colleagues isn’t a good idea. Remember that at work your part of a team, and getting to know each other better is all part of the experience. If you want to increase your confidence at work, engaging with other members of staff and building relationships with them is vital. You don’t have to become everyone’s best friend, having a few friendly faces around the office to support you and to enjoy lunches and after-work drinks with will make you feel much more at ease.


If you feel like there are gaps in your knowledge when it comes to certain aspects of the job, this will be playing a big part in your lack of confidence. To resolve this problem, push yourself to study and take on additional training to expand your knowledge and understanding of your profession. Not only will this make you feel more confident in your current role, but it could lead to promotions in the future.

It’s not always easy to walk into work every day with your head held high and with a positive attitude, but your day feels much better when you do. If you’d like to feel more confident at work, try the tips listed above and see how they can work for you.