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What to Do in Your Free Time


It’s hard living during this pandemic. Stress levels are high, and patience is low.
Family togetherness sometimes feels forced, and frustration with spouses and
children threatens to boil over. Have you run out of bread to bake and TV to watch?
Are long summer days with nowhere to go making you lonely and bored? Do you
want to boost your brainpower, or reduce the effects of aging on your brain? If so,
then online games and puzzles might be the right activity for you.

Why Online Games Make a Great Pastime

Online games are still a pretty new way to spend free time, especially compared to
the long history of board games and puzzles, but the idea of portable games is not
new. Classic solitaire, and travel versions of games like Checkers and Connect
Four, have kept kids on long car rides entertained for decades, and online games
are an updated version of hand-held video games like Nintendo’s Game Boy.
However, online games are much more accessible because you don’t need a
separate console to play. All you need is a phone, tablet, or computer.

A man gaming at a computer
Photo by Florian Olivo on Unsplash

They’re Easy and Convenient

You can play any online game on a tablet or a phone, so there’s no need to carry a
deck of cards, a puzzle book, or a pen with you – online games are infinitely
portable. You can play in spare minutes waiting in the carpool line or spend an hour
relaxing on your sofa. You can play in the middle of the night when insomnia strikes.
Some games are meant to be played alone, like classic solitaire. Other games can
be played against another person anywhere in the world, like bingo or poker. And
you can do jigsaw puzzles without worrying about your cat jumping on the puzzle

They Offer Loads of Fun

Whether you’re playing on your own or against a friend or stranger, competition is
fun. Try to beat your own high score or daub your bingo card a little faster. Because
each new hand or a new card is different, there is a built-in challenge every time you
play. Online games are a great way to relax and purposely disengage from these
troubled days. There are plenty of options out there – take a chance and try a new
game, or fall back on an old favorite. Fill a little time each day with an activity that
makes you feel good. Online games are also a nice break from traditional board
games. The whole family can play different games that match their interests while
still being in the same room. Or change things up and create a family competition for
high points or quick play.

They’re Also Good For Your Brain

Recent studies have shown that playing online games and puzzles has a positive
influence on memory, agility, and brain plasticity. Games like classic solitaire help
stave off the effects of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease . Puzzles and games help with cognitive reasoning, recall, memory, and reflexes. They help keep your brain young and active. Some studies even speculate that playing games like timed
solitaire can help improve reaction time while driving!

Everyone’s Playing!

Playing online card games like classic solitaire can bring you moments of calm in the
chaos of 2020. It’s an activity that appeals to everyone from kids to seniors, and
everyone who plays can pick from scores of games and puzzles to match their
needs and interests. Online games can be fun and relaxing, and you can play solo
or compete with others. There is definitely an advantage to playing online games:
you will always, with every game you play, be helping your mental acuity and
slowing down the effects of aging and dementia.

Final Thoughts

Times are hard, and taking a break every once in a while is okay. Some would say
it’s even necessary. So take half an hour whenever and wherever you can and play
an online game. Make online game playing a family affair or compete against
yourself. It’s the perfect way to kill some free time and have some quick fun!