Postie sends heartwarming response to little girl’s letter sent to cat “in heaven”-Viral News


A LITTLE girl who sent a letter to her recently deceased cat “in heaven” has been left stunned after receiving a heartwarming response from a thoughtful postie.

Five-year-old Navaeh Lowe was devastated when her lifelong best friend Tin Tin passed away last month aged 11.

And after struggling to sleep without her furry companion, Navaeh’s mum Tamara Lowe, 26, suggested they pen a goodbye letter on to help the youngster gain some closure.

Naveah with her letter ready to post-Viral News
Navaeh’s mum Tamara Lowe, 26, suggested they pen a goodbye letter.

But on Friday [28 Aug], Navaeh was stunned to receive a package from her beloved Tin Tin, containing a book and cuddly toy.

The heartwarming letter was sent to her home in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey by kindhearted Royal Mail worker Clive Edwards, after the letter came into his post room at Gatwick.

The touching response reassures Navaeh that Tin Tin is being well looked after with a “nice fluffy bed” in heaven.

It also asks her not to be too upset, saying: “I know you are sad that I’m not there with you but please don’t be.

“Here is a little cuddly cat that I thought looks a little like me, so if you feel sad you can cuddle him like how we used to.”

“If you need to talk to me just look for the brightest star in heaven and I’ll be there to listen.”

A picture of Navaeh posting her letter.-Viral News
Naveah with her letter ready to post.

Teaching assistant Tamara was blown away by the gesture, and took to social media to publicly thank Clive for his letter.

She posted adorable pictures of Navaeh clutching her book and teddy on Facebook, saying: “Royal Mail I want to say a massive, massive thank you! A million times over.

“Nevaeh lost her best friend Tin Tin and has been struggling so she wrote a letter and posted it to The Stars in Heaven.

“Today Nevaeh received the most amazing package on the doorstep, a reply from the stars.

“Someone at Royal Mail went above and beyond and replied to Nevaeh’s letter along with some presents.

“I want this to reach Royal Mail in the hope that whoever this fantastic person is realises just how happy they’ve made my little girl.”

A picture of the letter Clive Edwards wrote.-Viral News
50-year-old Clive Edwards put pen to paper to create a special letter.

Tamara’s post sparked an emotional response from social media users.

Kirsty-Sara Tierney-Jones wrote: “I have tears.”

Sandra Garvey added: “My heart! What an amazing person he is. Love this.”

And Julie Sullivan said: “Oh wow, I’m sobbing like a baby, what a wonderful thing to have done.”

Speaking today, Tamara explained exactly how special the gesture was. She said: “Tin Tin belonged to my mum, but Nevaeh bonded with Tin Tin as she grew they slept in bed together and weren’t often apart. Their bond was unbreakable.

“Nevaeh has struggled with accepting the loss of her best friend with not sleeping properly which affects her behaviour.

“I’d seen on Facebook a post where someone had written to the stars to send their family member a letter so I thought it would be nice for Nevaeh to bring closure.

“Posting the letter helped Nevaeh to calm down, but she was still very emotional and within a week she had a phenomenal package on the doorstep from Clive Edwards.

A picture of Naveah Lowe and her now deceased cat Tin Tin -Viral News
Five-year-old Navaeh Lowe was devastated when her lifelong best friend Tin Tin passed away last month aged 11.

“Nevaeh wanted to read her book immediately and had her cuddle cat in bed with her which helped her to sleep through for the first time in almost a month.

“It wouldn’t have been possible without Clive and he has made a little girl extremely happy.”

50-year-old Clive Edwards has worked for Royal Mail for 30 years, mainly as a manager.

Speaking today, Clive’s wife Claire said: “Clive was really taken back by Navaeh’s reaction.

“Like he said, he only did what he wishes someone else would do for our children if they ever needed something like this.

“Lockdown has been tough, but especially on children and he just hoped something like this would show her that things will be okay.”