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9 Ways to Update a Tired Bathroom

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The bathroom is an important room within any household. It’s one you use daily, as well as
being the go-to place for a spot of relaxation or pampering. Because of this, it’s always a
good idea to have your bathroom be a pleasant place to spend time in, as well as adapted to suit all your needs.

If your bathroom needs a little TLC, here are nine ways you can update it.

1. Add an Eye-Catching Shower Curtain

Shower curtains are great ways to improve the design of your bathroom. Instead of a plain,
white curtain, why not try for something more colourful, or even quirky? There are many
great options out there, from solid block colours to curtains which match your favourite movie even. Use your shower curtain to add a great touch of colour and design to your bathroom.

Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash

2. Use Mirrors

Every bathroom needs a mirror, so if yours lacks in the mirror department, this is one huge
improvement you should make. Think full length and the bigger, the better! Mirrors can also make your bathroom feel a whole lot bigger, so if your bathroom is on the small side, a large mirror can instantly make it feel much roomier.

3. Include Some Plants

Certain houseplants will thrive in a bathroom environment with humid air quality.
Houseplants in your bathroom not only add a touch of colour and life to your room and help
to improve the air quality of your home. Plants can easily brighten up a boring or otherwise
deserted windowsill or shelf space.

4. Add Some Fun Wall Stickers

Add a touch of wall art to your bathroom, without having to worry about hanging heavy
pictures or drilling holes. Wall art stickers, like from Aspect Wall Art , are a great and easy
way to add character and personality to your bathroom wall. Whether it’s an inspirational
quote to help you start the day, a relaxing piece of art for you to take in during a long bath, or simply something which adds colour, there’s wall art suited for any bathroom.

5. Introduce Colour with Accessories

If you’d rather not paint or re-tile your bathroom but find it too plain at the moment, you can always use accessories to make your bathroom pop. Instead of plain towels, go for bright colours, or even pastel shades, to add some colour. You can get matching accessories like a bright bathmat and kit your bathroom out with a variety of colourful items, like soap dishes and toothbrush holders.

6. Upgrade Your Bath and Shower

If you struggle to find enjoyment in your bathroom because the bath is simply too small or
maybe your shower is old and temperamental, then updating your facilities will make a huge difference. If you’re more a bath person, consider having a large bath fitted — or maybe even a jacuzzi bath — so that you can spend more time enjoying relaxing bubble baths.

Upgrade your shower to have a better impact, such as a waterfall shower head, so that you
can make the most of your bathroom routine.

7. Fit Helpful Storage

If you don’t have the right storage in your bathroom, then items aren’t going to have their
proper place, and it will feel too much of a mess. You need to install cabinets and shelving,
which will serve the best purpose for you.

If you’re running low on space, think about wall-mounted cabinets and higher shelves, so
you don’t have to compromise on floor space. Cabinets with doors will help everything in
your bathroom to look a whole lot tidier by hiding away bottles and toiletry items.

8. Add a New Pattern with Tiling

Bathroom tiling allows for many possibilities when it comes to colour and design. Even the
smallest areas of tiling, such as a small row above your sink or simple tiles around the bath, can add more character and depth to the room.

You could try for more traditional patterns and plainer colours, or you could go bold and
quirky to make your tiles pop. Choose something which will best match your colour scheme
and other accessories so that your bathroom will flow and feel more harmonious.

9. Include Pleasant Scents

Make your bathroom a relaxing haven by introducing fresh and pleasant scents. You could
use scented candles which you can light for a more intimate setting when taking relaxing
baths, or you could use scent diffuser to have your bathroom smelling fresh.

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