Homeowner who put up notice denying locals access to walkway trolled back with spoof signs-Viral News


HILARIOUS photos show how a homeowner who apparently tried to deny locals access to a walkway was mercilessly trolled back with tongue-in-cheek signs.

Residents in South Holmwood, Surrey were left stunned when a large “no access” sign appeared on the lane back in April, despite apparently using it for more than 80 years.

However, since then, the “Phantom Poster Printer (PPP)” has taken it upon themselves to paste over the “rude” notice with their own witty signs.

Local Kathryn Tupper, 54, documented the hilarious exchange on Facebook, sharing photos of the signs on Tuesday [1 Aug].

The original sign -Viral News
The original sign

She says it all began after the homeowner replaced the original “subtle” sign, with a bright green notice which reads: “Private land. No public access or right of way.”

In response, the PPP pasted their own imitation sign in similar colours which read: “Peasants keep out, self appointed snobs only.”

It was swiftly removed, however over the next few months the PPP struck again, leaving signs which said: “Private Parts, no pubic access” and “Street party every Friday. Everyone welcome” among others.

One photo shows how the police even appear to have been drawn into the matter, with a notice apparently from Surrey Police in place appealing for information on the PPP’s identity.

A picture of an access sign -Viral News
The updated sign sparked a series of spoof signs

The saga finally drew to a close on Tuesday [1 Aug], when a new sign more like the original was put back in place.

However, according to Kathryn, locals have now mounted a campaign with the council to have it made into an official right of way.

Speaking today, she said: “The route walked doesn’t go near their house and you cannot even see it. The old owners never used to mind people using it.

“The old sign was nice polite black. Villagers found it a little rude with the timing. We continued to use it, but they started telling people to get off her land.

“They called the police saying the signs were harassment, but they thought they were hilarious.

A picture of a spoof sign- Viral News
“Peasants keep out self appointed snobs only”
One of a series of signs poking fun at the issue

“Police did try to stop us going up the lane to ease tension, but we informed them of a few Acts which gave us rights to continue using.

“It was then found that even though they owned the lane, they don’t own the pillars so the sign was removed this week.

“All the other households up there loved the PPP signs and want the road to be used by all.

“Every day, more people used the lane just to see what new sign had gone up. It kept us amused for weeks in lockdown.”


Social media users have also been tickled by the feud.

Justin Boyne wrote: “Brilliant, worth the effort.”

Clare Wiliams added: “So funny.”

And Lotti Newman said: “Love these.”

However, others were more sympathetic to the homeowner.

Melanie Hardy wrote: “Honestly some people think everywhere belongs to them. How would they feel if random strangers kept walking through their garden?”

A spokesman for Surrey Police said yesterday [Thu]: “We are currently investigating allegations of a number of offences, including public order and criminal damage relating to an ongoing civil dispute between two separate parties.

“The offences are alleged to have taken place in South Holmwood.

“A number of enquiries have been carried out and the investigation remains ongoing.”