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4 Reasons Your Business Needs a Secure File Sharing Platform


With the digitalization of businesses, how organizations used to conduct business has changed dramatically. More and more companies are relying less on paper and sharing digital files and assets have become the new norm.

However, sharing files online is nothing like sharing data in person. While the digital world offers you ease, it can put you at risk as well. When you are sharing a file on an unreliable platform, there are always chances of it getting corrupted, or your data getting hacked.

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash By Deadline News
Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

So it is highly recommended that you use a secure file transfer platform that will not only share your data securely but will make sure your files don’t get corrupted. If you are still thinking about not using a file-sharing platform, then these few reasons might convince you otherwise:

No Leaks

In this modern age data is everything, and if your businesses data gets leaked somehow your competitors or bad people out there can take advantage of it. When you are not using a secure file sharing platform, you are just putting your files out there without any check.

With a good file transfer sharing platform, you will be able to keep an eye on all your files, and you will also be aware of what file was shared with how many people and did they access it or not. This way, you reduce the chances of your data getting leaked dramatically.

Share Large Size Files

Most businesses who don’t use a file transfer platform use email or Skype to share files with colleagues and clients. While it is somewhat a secure method of file sharing, it is not the best method if you want to share a file that has a considerable file.

Email providers and platforms like Skype only allow you to share small size files. With the help of a file transfer platform like Zivver, you can share large size files securely without any inconvenience.

Improved Project Management

Another great thing about using a file-sharing platform is that your project managers will be able to manage things better. The job of a project manager is never easy, and he has to keep track of all the files that are being shared among employees and clients across different platforms.

This takes a lot of time and extra effort. A file sharing platform allows the project managers to stay more organized and makes it easier for them to keep track of everything. And when your project managers become more productive, the productivity of all the teams increases as well.

Better Collaboration among Team Members

When it comes to collaboration between team members, there is no better way of discussing matters face to face. However, most companies offer more flexibility to their employees these days, and remote working has become quite common. 

This forces the team members to use different platforms for communication and file sharing, and that can result in miscommunication. A single file sharing platform with the right security will ensure that the collaboration among team members doesn’t get disturbed.