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NewsMouse found comatose after gorging on cannabis plants put on 12-step rehab...

Mouse found comatose after gorging on cannabis plants put on 12-step rehab program

Passed out mouse
Colin had been keeping an eye on the rodent . (Image: Colin Sullivan)

A CURIOUS mouse caught chomping on cannabis leaves has been snapped passed out on its back “high” from the endeavour.

Colin Sullivan, from New Brunswick, Canada where cannabis is legal, said he found the rodent pinching leaves from his plants for two days in a row last week.

Four images show the inquisitive mouse nibbling at both the stem of the plant and leaves before the substance took effect.

Photos captured shortly after show the rodent lying in the middle of a heap of leaves, completely comatose.

Mouse on cannabis plant
The mouse emerged bleary eyed after the feast. (Image: Colin Sullivan)

Colin decided to put the animal in a cage where he started him on a “12 step programme” to keep it away from the plants long enough to get it back on its feet.

Six days later the mouse was released back into the wild after Colin awarded him his own 12 step chip – a memento given to addicts to celebrate their commitment to recovery.

Colin posted about the discovery on Facebook last week, writing: “For two days in a row I’ve caught this little pothead taking leaves off of my plant and eating them until he passes out.

“He’s missing an ear so it may be self medication for his PTSD but I still think it’s time for an Intervention.

mouse passed out
The inquisitive mouse was discovered totally incapacitated. (Image: Colin Sullivan)

“I’ll let him sleep this one off but when he wakes up he’s getting a real stern talking to.”

Two days later, Colin posted an update on the mouse situation – alongside the mouse in a perspex cage.

He wrote: “So it’s been a couple of rough days for our little baked buddy here and despite a belly ache and a wicked bad case of the munchies I think he’ll make a full recovery.

“He’s been weaned to one medium leaf per day and seems to be adjusting well.

“One day at a time my Friend, one day at a time.”

Mouse on cannabis plant
Luckily, the mouse regained consciousness. (Image: Colin Sullivan)

Three days later, following the stint in “rehab”, Colin shared the news that the mouse was ready to be released outside.

Adding loads of puns, he wrote: “On The Rodent To Redemption.

“After a long and desperate battle with addiction this little mouse has grinded up his struggle , picked out the seeds and stems and is ready to roll out.

“Weed all benefit from jointing together to help the smoke clear in any addict’s life.

“He did his very cannibest and was awarded his first Twelve Step chip.

Mouse in rehab
The critter was put on a 12-step rehab program by Colin. (Image: Colin Sullivan)

“I may have been the one to open his cage but he was the one who set himself free . So long my friend , till we meet again.”

The posts have received over 12,000 likes and attracted thousands of comments.

Jalyssa Glenda wrote: “This series has made my year probably.”

Cody Myshrall said: “ I’m happy to hear about his recovery.”

And Kayla Halleen wrote: “This is the best thing I’ve seen on the internet, ever.”

Cannabis became legal for recreational use in New Brunswick when the Cannabis Act went into force across the country on October 17, 2018.

Their minimum age to use, buy, grow or possess cannabis for recreational use is 19 but must not be consumed in a public place or in a motor vehicle.

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