Seagull dive bombs tourist as she attempts to Instagram her ice cream

Ice cream cone
Amy had just snapped an attractive snap of her ice cream. (Image: Amy Wilson)

HILARIOUS images capture the moment a seagull dive bombs an unsuspecting pedestrian seconds after she snapped a photo of her ice cream for Instagram.

Amy Wilson, 23, was subjected to the brutal attack on Thursday just moments after she took the photo on a street in St .Andrews, Fife.

Amy, from Motherwell, North Lanarkshire, was just beginning to tuck into her snack when the winged assassin struck.

Pal Gillian Scott managed to snap the exact moment the seagull swooped and stole Amy’s ice cream from her hands.

Seagull lurking
The seagull sits poised and ready to pounce. (Image: Amy Wilson)

The first image shows Amy’s artistic snap of her ice cream, ready to be uploaded to social media.

The next one shows her eating the snack along with her other friend Megan Rooney.

In the background, the greedy gull can be seen lurking and waiting for the right moment to pounce.

The third image shows the moment of impact, as the bird swoops in next to Amy’s head in order to steal her cone.

Finally, the seagull is seen splayed on the ground having launched Amy’s ice cream into mid air.

Seagull swooping
The gull swooped down and hit Amy’s cone from her hands.

The terrifying encounter was also captured by Gillian in the form of a short gif which shows the events in real time.

Amy shared the images on Twitter shortly after the incident where they quickly went viral.

The snaps have had social media users in stitches.

@onemlonelymiles wrote under the post: “The ice cream is haunted anyway just look at it floating there. F****** scream.”

@beckyh101 said: “Classic Britain. Bloody millennial seagulls.”

Seagull divebomb
The bird hit the pavement and sent the ice cream flying. (Image: Amy Wilson)

@lauraconnor2 said: “Hahahahaha f****** dragons. Man down.”

However, it seems the seagull is known to wait there to attack tourists or locals walking by with ice cream.

@oneillcarolann_  commented under the post: “This happened to me in that exact spot but the b****** didn’t get my ice cream. Nothing comes between me and food.”

@christymcleodx said: “The exact same thing happened to me in St Andrews in almost the exact same spot. It was terrifying.”

Speaking today Amy said: “I was fine. It was all a laugh. The seagull was okay.

“It flew into my friend’s leg and then ate the ice cream, no seagulls were harmed.

“This has never happened before. I’m not sure about the seagull though. We had noticed the seagull when we’re walking past, but it just seemed to be looking about.

“We didn’t expect it to attack us for our ice cream. The ice cream was from Janettas who have been very kind to offer us a free ice cream on our next visit.”