Shocking video shows self-professed “racist” hurling abuse at passengers on bus


SHOCKING video shows a woman hurling vile racist abuse at fellow passengers on a Dublin bus.

The racist woman was caught on camera telling black passengers to “walk back to Africa” and “n******.”

The incident, which left one passenger in tears, took place on the number 44 Dublin bus on Sunday evening.

The video begins with a man, believed to be the driver, confronting the woman at the back of the bus.

The woman shouts: “I have a health issue I don’t want coronavirus.”

The man responds: “It doesn’t matter you can’t call them n**** you understand okay? If you say that again I’m going to get you off the bus.”

The racist responds: “Go ahead, I’ll walk home, I will walk home. You can’t walk home to Africa.”

A woman was filmed hurling racist abuse at bus passengers in Dublin
A woman was filmed hurling racist abuse at bus passengers in Dublin

Laughter can be heard around the bus as the woman sits in silence for a brief moment.

Unprovoked ,the woman makes obscene gestures as passengers as a woman off camera says: “This is the second time this is happening to us.”

The woman in the black mask responds sarcastically: “I wonder why?”

A woman then calls out “Why can’t she get kicked off the bus? She is the one disrupting everything.”

The camera pans round and a black lady can be seen crying as one passenger believed to be her friend says: “Girl, stop crying.”

The racism persists as the woman in the black mask says: “Yeah, go back to Africa it’s a long walk.”

After noticing she was being filmed the racist remarks: “F*** you and your camera, I’ll shove that up your hole.”

A woman was filmed hurling racist abuse at bus passengers in Dublin
A woman was filmed hurling racist abuse at bus passengers in Dublin

The woman then jumps to her feet and runs towards a passenger and says “Get away from me” after a passenger says she has “corona.”

The two square up, as the passenger pushes the racist woman back, after which the woman says: “Oh you are going to touch me?”

Suddenly the two-start grabbing at each other’s hair as passengers scream in the background.

The racist woman then calls out: “F**** n*****” and another woman calls out from the front of the bus: “You racist piece of s**.”

Responding to the woman she says: “I am a racist because I am with a race, white supremacy.”

The white woman from the front of the bus says: “You’re disgusting, I’m Irish that’s f***** disgusting you are disgrace to the country get off the bus.”

The woman responds: “F** you, you blonde c**” she then takes a swig out of what appears to be a bottle of wine.

The racist then storms off saying: “I can’t see with all these black c****, get out of my way.”

The video, posted to Facebook was captioned with: “Sad to see this happen in Ireland.

“To think that the lady who broke down in tears was celebrating her birthday.”

It prompted outrage from social media users.

Terry Moran wrote: “Scumbag, why didn’t someone smash her racist head in?”

Scott Horton added: “Racist fool.”

And Denis O’Brien commented: “Scummy racist p**** head.”

A spokesman for An Garda Síochána said: “An Garda Síochána does not comment on third party material.”