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Stock Trading: A Guide to Begin and Survive

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You might have listened to the terms stock trade or stock investment very frequently, but have you ever tried to understand what these terms mean? Stock trading or stock investment are commonly used when marketing and businesses are discussed. To know what is stock trading, the first thing you should know is what the Stock means. Further, we will discuss the basics of this trading platform.

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What is Stock?

Stock is defined as the goods, commodities, or any other requisites to carry out business.

If you talk about Stock as a general term, you may say that it is something that a person uses as a part of his occupation or profession. It can be any goods available at a sales store.

On the other hand, when we talk about Stock trade or in relevancy to the business, it is a type of investment. When you invest in buying Stock from a company, you own a part of that company. Therefore, stocks are also referred to as equity.

The value of stocks depends upon the value of the company. For example, if a company introduces a new product that people start buying like crazy, its stock price will rise.

Similarly, if a company’s sales are going down, the company’s stock prices will also decrease.

What is Stock Trading?

When a company buys or sells shares with another company to earn profit, they are said to do stock trading. When you plan to invest in a company, you buy some shares from that company. Now you have got a share in that company’s ownership depending upon the amount you have invested. Your profit depends upon the changes in the value of the share price of the company. It goes up or down, respectively, with the ups and downs in the company’s share price.

There are many ways investors predict and judge which stocks to buy and what is the best time to invest. For example, they gauge a company’s stock value through its annual earnings, news about the company, or technical analysis of their overall performances and achievements.

Ways of Stock Trading

There are two ways you can carry out stock trading

  • Exchange Floor Trading
  • Electronic Trading

Exchange Floor Trading

It is a complicated type of stock trading. In this type of trade, you hire a broker and ask him to buy Stock from a company. The clerks of the broker go to the floor and find a trader to purchase shares. They discuss the price and make a deal.

Electronic Trading

It is an online brokerage platform. The trade takes place during trading hours, where you can immediately carry out a trade. There is no need to rely on floor traders to purchase shares for you.

How to Do Stock Trading?

You might be thinking about stock trading in the way Hollywood has presented it to you. But believe me, it is far beyond wearing up your power suit and screaming on the phone, SELL!!

Stock trading is not a miracle that will make you a billionaire overnight. Reframe your concept about stock trading. Acknowledge that if you want to ensure financial stability, you should take investment as a long-term strategy.

Before you start investing in stock trade, we recommend that you prepare yourself by following these steps.

You Need A Stock Broker Account

To begin the stock trade, you need a broker. The market is full of brokers who offer different plans and packages. Here is a list where you can find reliable brokers to help you in the stock market.

Gather Knowledge About this Market

You are going to invest a lot of your money on this trade. Therefore, it will not be wise to enter the business without gaining enough knowledge about it. Thousands of e-books, articles, and research are available online where you can easily learn the tactics of this business.

Start Buying Your Stock

Narrow down the names of the companies you like. Once you have narrowed down your search, you need to do a detailed analysis of the selected companies. Find out the following details

  • What products do they manufacture and sell?
  • What is their annual revenue?
  • How do these companies manage their sales?

Enhance your research as much as possible and avoid buying shares from any company that gives doubted results.

Take it as a Long-Term Game

As we have mentioned earlier, stock trading is beneficial for beginners only when they make long term investments. Such investments ensure more stability and have lower tax rates.

The stock exchange market can be a very beneficial trading platform for you, but you need to make wise and well-informed decisions and stay consistent. Do not come up with the wrong approaches. Be more realistic about profits.


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