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10 personality traits to lead the way in the field of design


Designers are one of the key players responsible for the look and feel of the product. Read ahead to find out the qualities make a great designer and things you must take into consideration to become extraordinarily successful.

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  1. Observational skills

    Great designers are usually curious. They observe, take notice and make notes of things others may overlook. You are also expected to implement a DIY solution to compensate for a poor design from time to time.
  2. Creative acumen

    Even if you possess a talent for creation and design, try to bring purpose to your actions through research and creativity.
  3. Listening abilityBy carefully listening to your clients and individuals in general, you can learn about what really matters to others. This will prevent mere assumptions enabling you to know what is best for those you make a design.
  4. DesireGreat designers have a desire to make real-life objects based on their observations then improve design standards. Whenever there is a need for a new design, a designer must work to improve the quality of what already exists.
  5. Understand context

    Great designers connect ideas to understand the context, including details. This enables them to make sense of things allowing designers to decide if something is relevant.
  6. Find solutionsDesigners are accountable for finding solutions. As a designer, you must have a goal or an objective as your job will particularly require designing a solution to an existing problem.
  7. Efficient communicationCommunication skills are crucial when working with a team to bring a concept to life. With efficient communication, designing solutions will have a better chance to make a positive impact on the world. You can choose to communicate by sketching, making models, writing, speaking, using computers and any other digital tools necessary.
  8. IntegrationA good designer must know how to integrate ideas into the lives of his target demographic as well as integrating various technologies and elements of a solution into a product.
  9. ConsiderationGood designers have a consideration regarding the impact design can make on another individual, the environment and economy. As a good designer, you must understand this and take into consideration aspects that can be affected by a design.
  10. No restrictionsGreat designers are unbound by mainstream rules and are expected to understand the social norms. These expectations and limitations include that of manufacturing, marketing and other aspects of design implementation.


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