A third of people delaying medical treatment during pandemic – Health News Scotland

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ONE in three people are delaying medical treatment during the covid-19 pandemic according to the Patient Information Forum.

The survey revealed fears over catching coronavirus currently outweigh concerns over existing health conditions for many.

The study also found that 79% of people trusted the NHS’ advice, while less than half of respondents said they trusted the government.

Sue Farrington, Chair of PIF said:“Lack of information before appointments causes concern. It is stopping some people getting the care they need.

Covid stats
The data indicates there is concern among patients. (Image supplied)

“Concern about future appointments could be reduced with better information from Trusts and GPs about COVID-19 safety measures in place. This is vital as the NHS moves to phase 3 and resumes a more normal service.”

More than 800 social media users were polled in the survey which was developed by a collaborative group including patients with long-term conditions.

Trishna Bharadia, Patient Advocateand member of the collaborative group said: “The need is clear for personalised, trustworthy information on COVID-19 risks, safety protocols in place and how to cope with this pandemic.

“This is crucial to the health of patients with long-term conditions as we adjust to the new normal.

“We need a collaborative approach to ensure that patients feel secure and informed, particularly in the case of local lockdowns.”