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Adorable video shows disabled spaniel given “new lease of life” thanks to bespoke wheelchair

AN ADORABLE video shows the moment a disabled springer spaniel was given a bespoke new wheelchair to run around in – after breaking her back when she was just a pup.

Kiesha, 11, cracked her twelfth vertebrae after rolling awkwardly on her back when she was just five-months-old.

Since her accident she has had problems walking in a straight line and often wears babies’ first walking shoes to protect her feet from dragging along the ground.

Her owner, Lisa McInnes, had been using a harness to hold up Kiesha’s back legs to take the weight off whenever they were out for walks.

But after Kiesha started showing signs of tiredness in recent weeks, Lisa decided to create a bespoke wheelchair to help her get around easier.

Lisa, a hairdresser from Edinburgh, posted the adorable video of carefree Kiesha bolting around confident as she tried out her new wheels.

The heartwarming clip has attracted hundreds of comments from animal lovers on Facebook.

Keisha's new wheels
Keisha, 11.

One social media user wrote: “Amazing look at the tail, so happy.”

Another said: “Awww, bless her, she looks so happy to be off road again. Wee sweetheart.”

One viewer wrote: “Wow, look at her go.”

And another said: “Wow that’s fantastic . So happy.”

Kiesha-Viral News
Kiesha’s owners used a harness to hold her back legs to take the weight off whenever they were out for walks.

Speaking today (THUR), Lisa, 38,said: “At five months old she rolled over and submitted to a doberman and whilst doing it she knocked her twelfth vertebrae.

“She yelped out and was just sitting there vibrating, not wanting to move.

“Her back legs wouldn’t move so She was rushed to the vets and sedated before getting an X-ray.

“The x-ray showed her twelfth vertebrae was cracked three quarters of the way through .

“We ended up having to take her through to Glasgow where she was in the vets where she was kept for two weeks after that.

“It was the worst two weeks of my life.

Keisha's new wheels
Kiesha’s new wheels

“She had two pins put in and a metal plate.

“From then we had to teach her how to sit, how to stand again. She had no feeling in them at all for a while.

“She then spent all those years running free and just getting on with it, she wouldn’t let what happened hold her back.

“When she was out though she couldn’t walk in a straight line, she looked drunk when she walked.

Keisha with wheels- Viral News
Keish fitted with her new wheels

“Whenever we would go out and I would put the harness on the back to take the weight off she would just shoot off.”

Lisa bought an £80 frame from Amazon and attached scooter wheels on, before stitching a new harness into the poles.

She added: ““It’s given her a new lease of life.

“She wouldn’t walk in it for the first ten minutes and all the neighbours were out waving and banging the window to her.

“But now she absolutely loves it, she just doesn’t even want to come back inside now, whereas recently she would get so tired because of her back legs and was going to the car early to go home.”

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