Glamour model to help victims of online trolls with blogs on mental health – Health News UK

Rebecca McAllister
Rebecca has been candid about her own struggles with mental health (Image supplied)

AN INTERNATIONAL glamour model is hoping to turn her past experiences with online bullying into a way to help others affected by the issue.

Rebecca McAllister has poured herself into creating mental health awareness blogs after being subjected to a viral hate campaign in 2018.

Vile trolls drove businesswoman Rebecca into a depression leading her to even try and commit suicide.

However, since then, she sought to turn her traumatic experience into a way to help others who may be suffering like she did.

Rebecca McAllister
Rebecca is now also a successful businesswoman (Image Supplied)

Shortly after her harasser was arrested in 2020, Rebecca began started to speak publicly and amassed a following of more than 100,000 on Instagram.

Sadly, the account was recently hacked, but while she waits for news on the outcome, Rebecca has devoted more time to expanding her blogs.

Topics include coping with harassment, anxiety advice and being a mum. 

A spokeswoman for Rebecca said: “Rebecca believes her story can help her become a voice within the mental health community, one that can let others know that it’s okay to suffer and that there’s always alternatives to suicide.”