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NewsDelivery driver filmed "throwing" 16kg mini fridge over customer's gate - Consumer...

Delivery driver filmed “throwing” 16kg mini fridge over customer’s gate – Consumer News UK

AMAZON are investigating after a delivery driver was filmed “throwing” her mini fridge four feet over her fence.

Jo Haddon, from Hinckley, Leicestershire caught the the courier dumping the £86 mini fridge on Thursday on her doorbell camera.

She claims Amazon have since promised to refund or replace the fridge if there is any damage.

Footage shows the delivery driver walking around to the back gate holding the parcel with two hands.

He then tries to open the gate, but it is locked.

The driver then seems to stand on something so he can look over the fence and then lowers the 16 kilogram fridge, before dropping it on to the concrete slabs below.

A photo taken after the event also shows the partially dented item after it had been dropped on the inside of Jo’s fence.

Parcel behind fence
The massive parcel weighed 16kg (Image: Jo Haddon)

She took to Facebook to share the snap saying: “Thanks amazon for throwing a fridge over the gate onto concrete slabs. I’m fuming.

“Can someone please tell me how to make a complaint and order a new one because I’m not happy to even check this one.

“It has fragile [written] on the box so why, oh why.”

Her post has outraged social media users.

Sarah Plant wrote: “I hope they’re sending you a new one out Jo? That’s disgraceful.”

Driver throwing parcel
The driver is being spoken to by Amazon (Image supplied)

And Hayley Davies said: “And have a word with the delivery guys.”

Speaking today, Jo said: “I was fuming because there’s such a drop on the other side.

“Amazon offered a refund or exchange straight away and said they were very sorry and would have a word with the delivery driver.

“He turned up and rang the Ring doorbell. My other half said can it be left by the gate over the door bell chat.

“The delivery driver looked round the side and said yes. But, I decided to put it over the gate even though it had [the words] fragile on the box.

“I’ve not opened it yet, so I’m going to open it today, as I need it in the salon for milk but, if it’s damaged in any way Amazon ,have said they will send a replacement straight away.”

A spokeswoman for Amazon said: “We have very high standards for our delivery service providers and expect every package to be handled with care.

“We’ve notified the right teams internally and will work with the customer directly on matters related to their package delivery.”

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